#3 The Panthom

Lalin suddenly wakes up to the sound of crying out of nowhere. She was stunned for a moment as she continued to try to figure out what was going on.

She immediately got out of her bed, trying to open the door, and saw the situation outside. Baozi is seen falling asleep in the television room as Lalin opens the door. Lalin glances at the off-list television.

Then she went back into her room, curled up behind a thick blanket patterned with her Doraemon. She was annoyed that she couldn't sleep in peace.

A second later, she tried to grab her phone lying on the nightstand, intending to listen to music or just watch a movie.

Lalin sighs when she sees a notification on her phone's status bar. Yuta just sent her a text message.

The crying heard by Lalin gets louder and louder, making her a little sick of feeling depressed. She stared at the curtains of her window, which was getting more and more open because it was blown away by the wind.

She quickly ran,

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