#2 The Panthom

After vacation, the beach was over.  They had returned to campus for study and pursued assignments that were left far behind.

     "So, you've officially become Yuta's girlfriend?" asked Hyunseon in a whisper.

      "Yes, that is so...."

      "Good, you finally dare to conquer your fear of him." Baozi replied to Lalin's words. "I mean dare to conquer your fear of love."

      "I still find it confusing," said Lalin quickly.

      "Confused? Why?" asked Hyunseon, knitting her eyebrows together.

      Lalin played with her knuckles which looked significantly tapered at that time. "I'm just confused why Yuta is confessing love so quickly after only knowing me for a while."

      "Love is unpredictable." Baozi smiled wryly.

      "That's not what I meant," replied Lalin quickly.

      "No, don't

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