#6 Folk Village Tales

"Are you all right?" asked Hyunseon, as Lalin was just waking up from her faint. 


"Where are the others?" asked Lalin. 


"They're meeting in the living room," Hyunseon replied. 

"What's going on?" asked Lalin again. 

"They fainted when they were possessed by Aqing, a strange spirit in this inn," Hyunseon replied. 

"How can that be? I can't feel anything," Lalin muttered. 

"I don't know, it all feels so weird." 

Shortly after, Baozi went into the two girls' room to check on Lalin's condition. 

"We agreed to go home soon tomorrow," Baozi said. 

Lalin frowned, not understanding, "Why? Didn't we just have a day here?" 

"The situation is really dangerous, the spirit that took possession of your body a while ago is a spirit afflicted with negative energy," Baozi explained. 

"What's wrong with her?" asked Lalin. 

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