9. The Truth Untold

The yellowish-colored books were laid out in front of the three of us, the rows of handwriting with the sides leaning more to the right were quite beautiful. The handwriting with Korean characters already looks biased because it has been buried in a humid room for too long. With spelling I read the prefix of the first sentence on the first page of the book, and instantly realized that it was a diary.

“Does this belong to the ghost, if it really is the diary of the ghost why is this book behind the tiles and in a room like this?” Asked Hyunseon.

“Of course… that this diary was hidden by Jiyoon and Baekyun” I answered quickly.

“That makes sense,” Guangjun said then immediately folded the diary then took the polaroid camera that Hyunseon brought to take pictures.

“What would you do?” asked Hyunseon.

“I'd like to photograph this tile for evidence, ‘cause we got no other evi

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