25. Problem I Don't Even Understand

“Alright, tell me what happened between the two of you,” Taeyong asked. 

“Aren’t you guys always watching us through CCTV? You should be able to hear how this kind-hearted man is talking to Lalin at will,” Guangjun grumbled.  

“Excuse me, may I know, aren’t you from Siryein campus—Dongpyunchum?” Taeil interrupted as he glanced at the badge on the man’s jacket.  

“Right, and I’m here to take my revenge to damn girl,” grumbled the strange man.  

“Damn you!” said Guangjun in annoyance. “Don’t you have the manners to speak? Even you can’t stop talking rudely .”  

“Dude, you better shut up if you know nothing! This girl is a damn and cursed girl, even my younger brother died of her o

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