#6 The Lunar Owl

"Is anything suspicious?" Choi Seungcheol asked Hyunseon.

"I don't know, Baozi found the package," Hyunseon replied.

Baozi nodded in confirmation of that. "Indeed I found it but, strangely the courier who delivered this package only uses a bicycle and wears clothes like a clown. I also don't understand how he can deliver the package only by bicycle in winter like this."

"Did you sign the proof of delivery?" asked Choi Seungcheol again.

"No," replied Baozi.

Their conversation was interrupted when one of Choi Seungcheol's underlings approached them after checking the delivery office.

"How?" asked Choi Seungcheol.

"The office is there but, they don't feel that the courier is sending using a clown costume. They only send by car and motorbike, today they only send to two places," he explained.

"Well, my previous guess was correct, this incident was deliberate." Lalin bit her lower
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