#2 Folk Village Tales

Baozi ran into the large archway with great joy. He spread his hands, ignoring the snowflakes that were falling increasingly heavy.

"This place is so beautiful," said Baozi loudly.

"Right, it's beautiful. I feel a comfortable rural atmosphere here," continued Lalin.

"Try to take my picture here," asked Baozi, standing in one spot and giving his best pose.

Lalin immediately took out her Polaroid camera and took a photo of Baozi. Meanwhile, Taeyong and some of his friends had started walking inside.

"I'm starting to feel the terrible atmosphere now," muttered Doyoung while tightening the straps of his coat, which looks a little too big.

"Yes, I've felt it," said Johnny.

"It's just a fake ghost," muttered Jaehyun. "How about we split the group? We'll meet again at the inn. "

"Looks like it's fun," Yuta replied. "I agree."

"We all have twelve people, how about each group containing four people?" suggested Haechan.

"Yes, I will

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