Vengeful Kiss
Vengeful Kiss
Author: Mia Katy




Coming to Kingsville academy is like a dream come true. If someone had told me I'd be walking into this gothic building a few months ago I'd have rolled my eyes so hard at them and decide not to indulge in such stupid notions.

But, here i am today, walking this hallways that i could only dream about. It's unbelievable that way. My sneakers make squishy noises on the floor as i hurry inside. The school was really built in the medieval period. For real.

It's tall towers, old glass windows and gothic aesthetic gave all that away.

It's really an elites school.

Aunt Rosa had manged to get me a scholarship from their scholarship program, and it's not because i'm academically excellent. No, it's because she works under the school owner. My aunt had managed to convince the board that i was a good candidate for their program somehow. Every year, five students are given the opportunity. You must have perfect grades and also your guardian must be a member of the school board or the Kings empire.

King's empire was the owner of the school. Their family has owned the school forever.

It was initially set up for children of ministers, people of nobility, royalty and the wealthy.

The perfect place to make the right connections and meet the right people. I was grateful i had the opportunity to even see the insides of this walls. 

I hugged my backpack tighter and kept walking. My mid thigh length skirt swishing against my thighs. 

Once i reach the locker assigned to me, I put down my school stuff and try to open it.

Keyword is tried by the way.

After many failed attempts to open it, i groan and kick it over and over again.

"Just freaking open already. You stupid Locker" I was geeting annoyed. I'm going to be late for my first class if this continues.

I hear giggles and snickers behind me and quickly turn around, already feeling embarassment flood my cheeks. A group of cheerleaders are standing opposite me. Allof them look like super models with their pom poms and cheer outfits. I won't be surprised if i'm told they just came back from a photo shoot.

They must definitely be one of the popular kids. I don't want to be steorotyping but i'm really getiing the vibes. If i show them i'm the class clown, i'll definitely be looked down on or even picked on.

And i intend to stay lowkey and out of everyone's way so i'll have to prove i'm no push over now, or never.

"Something funny?" I ask them with a smile.

" Of course." One of the girls says, giving me a once over with utter disgust.

Yep, mean girls alert.

"It's not everyday you see a clown here of course. I bet they didn't have biometric lockers in your old school."

Okay, that is true. I didn't even know biometric lockers were a thing.

"If you don't have better things to do, then you should probably run along. Or help me out."

" I have something better to do. Sweet heart." She walks up to me and grabs my shirt so swiftly and jerks me towards her.

What the hell? 

She's getting physical with me.

"Let me give it to you straight. You're not wanted here, scholarship girl. Stop pretending you're like one of us and talking back to me. Just wait till king gives the official degree for the new charity cases. I can tell you're one with all this cheap filth you're wearing.. You'd not even have the strenght to talk back once we are done, bitch." She let's go of me and i hit the locker before she and her friends strut away. 

Damn her

And who the hell is this King who gives orders ?

Is this elementary school where they let someone be on top of the school heirachy?

“And I here I thought you had a little bit of dignity in you. Is that all you got? Resorting to violence?”

I ask her retreating back and she stops. Her friends stop behind her.

“Since you’re asking for it let me give it to you straight...” she turns back and begins walking towards me but another girl who I didn’t notice before grabs her arm, stopping her from advancing further.

“Captain.” She asks with doubt etched on her face.

“Let’s go to class, Nella.” the girl who I assume is their Cheer Captain says.

“But.. this… she just told me… I can't let her...”

“I’m not deaf, I heard her. You’re walking alone if you continue to entertain her. Respect yourself and leave the scholarship students. Don't do things on your own and wait for king.”

That freaking King person again.

The girl glares at me and scowls at their cheer captain subtly before flipping her hair and joining their


I guess she really doesn’t like the captain but has to obey her.

I use my finger print to open my locker and stuff my things inside before heading over to my next


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