She quirked an eye brow at me.

Composing myself, I asked her calmly again, taking the bull by the horn. No need to pretend.

“Aren’t you going to talk about me eavesdropping?” I cross my arms over my chest.

“You weren’t exactly eaves dropping. She was being loud and the washroom is a public place. It’s not your fault. So are coming with me or not?”

“Why would I go anywhere with one of the cheer leaders?” I ask her.

“I could use a friend tonight since I don’t want to be alone. Who knows what that banshee is going to do once she sees me alone? ” She shrugged talking of Lana with a laugh in her voice.

She was planning to use me to ward off Lana since Lana obviously wouldn’t want me to know what was going on between them.

A plan suddenly came to mind. I had a good idea how to get back at the cheer leaders for trashing my car. I could use her too. Fair enough.

“Sure. I’ll love to go with you”. I replied.

“I’ll pick you up at Nine. Meet me in front of the mansion.” She said and walked off.

She was obviously pretending not to care about the fact that I literally overheard them. I was sure of that because she was the one who was worried about being overhead and asking Lana to tone it down. I should be careful of her. She was usually not friendly so her friendly demeanor just now could be a disguise. She hadn’t even acknowledged me or talked to me since she gave me a ride to school. We weren’t even close to acquaintances. But she said she wanted to go with a friend as if I was her friend. Besides, she had other girls in the cheer squad who would fall over themselves to go with her.

Or maybe she was picking me because we both knew Lana would rather die than let me see her involved in drama. I really don’t know but I have to be careful.

Her cold and aloof personality was better than this cunning part of hers.

When I get to the party too I’ll ask Xander why he had missed school for the past few days. No need to go to his house. He may start suspecting that I had feelings for him if I did. That was showing too much care.


Going home after school, I decide to call an Uber. I was late because I had to go to the library to do Xander and I’s project. It was already dark and a storm was brewing. Rain droplets were already pelting my window pane. I had to find a job sooner and come up with the money to repair my car soon. I could look for some part time job later. I’ll go job hunting tomorrow.

I unlocked my phone and started searching for available jobs near me. All of a sudden, the car came to a screeching halt, swerving off the road and tossing me across the seat. What’s going on?

I look up to see that we had nearly hit a Black car that was sitting in the middle of the road but the Uber driver had swerved off the road in time and hit a tree beside the road instead. It was nearly dark with the now thundering rain so I couldn’t see the other car’s plate clearly. My driver seemed to have knocked his head and lost consciousness. We were on the lone road to the mansion. This was just like in those horror movies. I was beginning to get frightened. The car’s time read Seven forty-five pm on the dot. I was always scared of being alone in the dark since I could remember. I tap the driver, trying to shake the driver to wake him up. My heart was accelerating and my nerves were all over the place.

“Sir. Please wake up!” I shook him but he was really out. He was breathing though so I knew he wasn’t dead.

Did the other driver leave? A hit and run?

I heard a twig snap beneath a footstep. Someone was out there. If it were a god Samaritan or innocent onlooker, he would have called out to us. I was getting really scared. I can’t calm down or breathe well. My senses were hyper. I took my phone out, scrambling to call Aunt Rosa. She would ask Hunter to come and check on me if she was still at the office. I would have called Hunter myself but I didn’t have his damn number. I was so nervous my hands were shaking. All of a sudden, the car door was jerked opened with a force that had me screaming my lungs out into the night. A faceless man drenched in the rain and wearing a black hoodie appeared at the door and reached for me with scrawny hands and a breath smelling of alcohol. It felt like déjà vu. The darkness started whispering my name. I could feel its soothing presence consuming me. It was calling me into its abode. That safe heaven. No harm will come to me there. I did not fight it. I wasn’t against it. I welcomed it with pleasure, falling into its sweet Abyss.

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