Chapter 6: Marks

Chapter 6

Vince’s POV

Finally, I saw the owner of this voice. She was a breathtaking goddess dressed in a light blue Sexy color gown. I didn’t know why she colored her hair’s white? But it looked good on her. Her eyes are a shade of blue that matches her dress.

I don’t know if she was using contacts before or now? The girl I was Looking at now was ten times classier than the Crystal I met an hour before. It was almost hard to believe that this was the same girl.

“Hello, Mate. We met again.” She said and softly kissed my left cheek, giving me a side hug.

Not bad. Is she portraying herself as my fake mate?

“Hi, Crystal.” I tried hard to keep my voice steady.

Moon goddess! How can a stranger affect me so much? I could see many of the alphas were not pleased with the thought that she was my mate, and I wondered why? My father had a cold expression on his face and somehow I knew He was biting his tongue to keep his thoughts from spilling out loud, which was painful.

It is against
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Jake Adotia
Brilliant piece indeed!
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Ayushi Jain
superb part
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Jyotika Mewara
awesome fantastic part he also start feeling for other

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