Chapter 9 : Silver Bluish Fur

Dyan nods his head in understanding. "I understand what you mean. You're a Lycan after all. Your brothers were just trying to protect you."

You scoff absently. "I guess so."

How does feeding you vegetables protect you exactly? Instead of voicing that out, you just shove in another spoonful of this world's yummy delicacy into your mouth.

Yvon nibbles the bottom of her lip before placing another chicken leg on your plate, forcing a smile to show on her face. "Here. Eat more Calla. If you want, I can have the chiefs cook something similar for your midnight snacks."

"Sounds like a plan." You wink at her.

Later That Night.

It was silent and everything that was alive in this realm had finally shut down. Slowly setting the blanket aside, you step out of the bed and slowly approach the window. The eerie silence assures you that maybe tonight, you'd be able to escape. 

Luckily there aren't any bars that could hinder your escape. This proves that Yvon's dumb enough to trust that you won't escape. Once you slide the glass up, you bring your foot up and step on the edge of the window before tightening your fingers around the side frame.

And then you gulp.

It's a long way to the ground.

You push yourself forward only to pull yourself back in an instant, biting your bottom lip in debation. Attempting to do it the second time doesn't work either. You let out a strangled groan. Why did it have to be so high?

From there, jumping from a twenty five feet room obviously isn't an option.

You blanch at the height and finally take a step back. The door. You have no choice but to use the door and pray that no one notices or hears you. 

That'd be a total nightmare. 

You wrap your hair up into a high ponytail using the scrunchie Yvon had given you and begin to inch closer to the door. Pressing your ear against it, you listen closely for any sign of noise. 

You hear nothing after thirty seconds and take that as your signal. 

As you push the door open, you end up cringing at the creaking noise it makes. 

All your life, you were known to possess a photographic memory. You don't bother closing the door behind in order to avoid making more noises. The hallway finally is in your view and you know exactly where to go from here on. The exit should be on the left side of the castle, twenty steps after the kitchen entrance. 

As expected, the hallway is silent devoid of people. At least for now, it is. The deeper you get lost in these walls, the more you happen to realize you're actually not alone.

Once, in a while, a guard would pass by. Back when you were on earth, one of your brothers had thought you a little trick in order to hide your smell. A little bit of powder - Yvon had happened to hand you some things to help you fix yourself with- and oil and a secret formula you always have with you had done the trick like always. 

After three minutes of roaming the palace, you finally reach the kitchen. The exit should be just around the corner. Playing a victory song inside your head, you look around for any signs of a creature lurking around. 

Again, you find none and race towards the door, slipping it open and finally getting exposed t the outside world. The palace's surrounded by a huge wall that strangely resembles the wall of china. Spikes decorate the surface of the wall but in the middle, you can spot a huge gate that will eventually lead you to the outside world. 

To avoid getting caught by the guards, you take a left turn and land your back behind the wall. Yoonsi, your brother, always mentioned how you wouldn't get your Lycan powers until you reached a certain age. Little did he know, you had started obtaining twenty percent of it even before he had told you that. Back then, you found it rather repulsive. So much to the point that you kept it a secret from your brothers for two years. The reason why is because you wanted to just be perceived as a normal human being. 

At least right now, you have a reason to use it. 

You take in a deep breath and watch your hand begin to slowly shift. What was once delicate a pair of delicate hands with feathery fingernails, you watch your claws emerge to replace the once that had existed. A silver bluish fur begins to coat your hands as well, replacing your porcelain hands. And then you stop it. 

For months, you've been secretly training yourself to transform on command since there had been situations when you found yourself transforming uncontrollably when you were out in the public.

Especially when you're in school. These transformations are often times triggered whenever you're stressed out. And this happens a lot in school. You eventually lost count of how many times It happened. 

So far, the transformation that takes place is only around your hands so you were able to hide it when you were on earth. 

Using your claws, you stab it against the wall and begin making your way up. The only downside of the experience is that it's actually painful to transform since you aren't used to it. It also takes the energy right out of you. 

Mustering all the strength you can collect, you attempt to fasten up your pace a little faster. Just a little bit more and you'll finally be out of here. 

Your claws dig the wall, retracts, and then stabs it again and after one final pull, you reach the peak and jump, landing on your feet professionally. 

One of the things you've self learned is that you can skillfully land on your feet even if your body had gone through a twenty percent transformation. 

Trees surround your environment but that doesn't stop you from running towards the forest. At this rate, it'll take them until daylight for them to find out you've escaped. 

Where do go from here though?

You've thought ahead of that. If a wizard like Lionell exists in this realm, then they're bound to know how to go back to earth.

You give yourself a nod.

Your mission from here on out is to find a wizard. 

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