Chapter 13 : The Tour

" I swear to god if I have to look at another flight ofbstaires again I will lose it." For the past ten minutes, you've been complaining non stop. You dont think you can take this anymore. You feel like dying.

You feel like you could sleep for five days straight without waking up.

The hallway of the castle seem so peaceful. A total contrast to what your feeling inside. After that hectic walk, you had to rely on Yvon for support since you felt like your legs could snap off at any minute. And that's saying something given what you really are. But you guess even your alter couldn't help you out on this one.

You think you also ran out of air for a second there.

Yvon out of all people should know what physical activities does to you. She should know how they're the one thing you despise. You just didnt really like them. As a matter of fact, she should know that they're a taboo to you. It's what ended you up here in the first place after all. Because you couldn

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