Chapter 15 : Training

Dinner time had passed by in a snap for some reason and as soon as Yvon opens the door to your room and ushers you in, she begins pacing around like a person in so much stress. Even from a distant, you can practically see the mess of thoughts swirling inside her mind right now. Whatever she's thinking about, you have a feeling it has something to do with why she had Aziel pinned down to the ground moments ago. There's a hint of sympathy you felt for the person after seeing him in that situation. Although he could have easily swipe Yvon off of him, he chose go stay still and let her have her way. Throughout dinner time, the latter had remained quiet. Dyan however was the total opposite. He went on talking about the activities he accomplished today and it looked like it was a usual thing for him. You settle on your bed, keeping your gaze planted on the pacing girl. If this was a comic book, there would he a ginormous question mark floating on top of your head. You wonder what's got he

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