Chapter 15 Divided

"Miss Nathalia Trace, you may go." The door to the white cell that I was in opened and in came a man with a white bob cut hair. After the fight broke out, everyone was brought to a cell to supposedly calm us down. The cell has 4 walls - one was made out of thick acrylic while the 3 remaining ones were made of white metal along with the floor and ceiling. I winced and clutched my bandaged head. We were all treated and questioned during our stay in the cubes. I guess they were still looking for the traitor within the ranks.

I  got up from the chair that was built as part of the cell and made my way to where the man was waiting for me at the exit. All the cells were lined up in rows - kind of like a rectangular beehive. The only way out is if someone escorts you out on a large drone. 

The man extended his hand for me to take to help me get on the platform of the drone. It was large enough to accomodate 5-6 people on it. Once I was on, I grabbed a hold on the railing as the man headed for the control panel. "Hold tight." He instructed before gliding his hands over the holographic controls. The drone suddenly moved and I could see the other cells and it's inmates were already being escorted out. The cell a few boxes beside me was already empty and I could only assume that she was already back in her pod.

The drone stopped as we reached another platform that led us to the exit. Skyr was waiting for us on the other side. I gulped as I remembered the limp body of Bianca on the floor. Skyr was the first one to rush towards her and call for help. I did not know what happened after that because all of us were suddenly taken down to the cells.

I hopped off of the drone and onto the other platform where Skyr stood. The general nodded to the man in acknowledgement before he looked back towards me. "Come on. I will take you back." He says. I nodded in response and silently followed him. We passed through a set of doors and onto what looked like a waiting shed. As we passed through a set of gates, I heard a soft hum and a vehicle that reminded me of a cable cart with no roof stopped right in front of us. He opened the door and gestured for me to go in. I followed and sat on the seat available inside. From the size of it, I can safely assume that it can accomodate about 6-8 people.

Skyr shut the door and the cart started to move. He sat across from me and regarded my nervous behaviour. "Miss Bianca is fine." He says - probably guessing what was on my mind the moment he got one look at me. "A few broken bones on one of her arms and on her ribs, but she will live."

"I'm sorry." I said.

"You should apologize to her and not me." He paused as his eyes glided to my head. "How are you feeling?"

I touched the bandage at the back of my head. The one I got from when my head hit the floor. My nose already stopped bleeding, which was a good thing. "I've been better." I murmured and finally got the courage to look up at Skyr. "Am I in trouble?" I asked.

"As much trouble as anyone who joined the fight." He said. "If we weren't in a pinch then we would have you suspended. Unfortunately for us, we need all the hands that we can get. And with you still being a red and managing to send your senior with that strength? We could surely use your assistance."

The vehicle stopped and Skyr escorted me out. I was still shaken up at the fact that I actually managed to break someone's bones with my own fist that I did not notice that we were now back in our own sector. Skyr and I kept on walking until we were able to reach my pod. 

"Miss Nathalia, may I expect that you are still willing to come tomorrow?" Skyr asked.

"Yes." I said and nodded. From the little that we got from our surroundings, I could faintly see Skyr's sunken and tired eyes. His hair was a mess of blood and mud and I somehow felt bad that he even has to handle the fight without much of a rest.

"Goodnight, miss Nathalia. And see you tomorrow." He says and finally disappeared.


The next day I woke up early and ate my breakfast alone since I could not find Rachel anywhere. I didn't eat much because I felt anxious of the looks that people were giving me. I headed for the training room immediately and I couldn't help but notice the stares of the people as soon as I got into the room. I heard murmurs and a few cautious glances from them as I walked and waited on a spot near the door to await for further instructions. Either that or I was waiting for Skyr or Rachel since I don't know our agenda for the day.

Are we still going to have a rain check again?

"Hey, what are you doing here alone?" It was Rachel. By the looks of it she has not slept well either. She joined me on my spot and leaned on the wall as well. "These people." She commented on the stares of the others with her own glare. "They really can't mind their own business. It's not like they haven't done anything at all. They are just as bad as us."

"Just ignore them." I told her.

"Ignore them? They are staring at you like you're an alien or something. I mean, it's not your fault that you're too strong compared to them. Well more like any of us."

With that, I turned my head towards her. "What do you mean?"

Rachel pursed her lips and looked around us cautiously. "Well." She started with a whisper. "I heard a rumor that no one was able to accumulate that sort of strength. Well not with the amount of time that we spent here anyway. Apparently, that raw strength of yours was proof that your gene is stronger than any of us."

"Maybe I am just angry at that time. I don't even remember what I did." I murmured.

"Oh, come on." She chuckled and nudged me. "Stop being humble. We all know how powerful you are already, Hercules." I glared at her for the nickname.

"Want to experience it first hand?" I suggested.

"No, ma'am." She answered quickly.

Skyr finally arrived at that moment and ordered us all to form lines of rows in front of him. We all complied. As the reds in the group, Rachel and I positioned ourselves at the back. Skyr stood on a platform overlooking us. He was currently dressed in a midnight blue suit with while patches to where his joins move. "Starting tomorrow we will elevate the intensity of your training. We need abled men and women for when the land dwellers strike again. As you all might have known, the situation has changed. Some of you may not return from the mission. Your safety is never guaranteed and our chances of survival is very slim." He said grimly and met each of us with his gaze. "That is why I am giving you all a choice - to quit while you can. For those of you who wants to change jobs then please follow Commander Marvin." He gestured to the long haired man to his far right. "For those who wish to stay then please remain where you are."

There was a brief moment of silence as the people exchanged glances with one another. And then very slowly, people started leaving and headed for commander Marvin to resign. Some bid Skyr their farewell and even apologized to him. Skyr simply gave them a nod. Others were hugging each other as some of their friends decided to stay. 

Now there were only about 16 of us left including the ones who joined the mission a couple of days ago. Skyr looked at our numbers in dismay, but he immediately shook off the expression. As soon as Marvin and the others left Skyr spoke again. “Thank you for those who have stayed. With our dwindling numbers it will be difficult, but I will train you hard enough so that you may be able to take care of yourselves in any situation. Tomorrow you will be tested to determine your aptitude on a certain skill. Depending on what it is, we shall train you to the best of our abilities. Our engineers are currently developing more enhanced virtual training facilities for us with a more...realistic approach.” Skyr’s gaze drifted at the back and in our direction.

 “Miss Rachel and miss Nathalia, you both have a strong gene in you and I am delighted to hear that you guys are staying. And from what I have seen yesterday, I have decided to increase your ranks. Tomorrow you shall join the platoon’s training.”

“It’s not fair!” A man called out. “It took us weeks before we could join the platoon!”

Skyr’s gaze drifted to the man who spoke and he raised an eyebrow at him. “Can you throw a punch like miss Nathalia or wrestle with a trained squadmate when you were still a red?” He questioned him. The man was silent and didn’t say anything anymore. Rachel made a teasing face at the man and I had to elbow her to stop in case it brings out a fight again. I swear this girl needs a leash. “Good. For today we won’t have our training so I suggest that you enjoy your time for the day because tomorrow your training will begin.”

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Lucy Dee
would love to know more about the looks of the character to build up a better picture but also has a stargate feel in the writing. enjoying it as a change and lots of free chapters to get me started cherrs
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Lucy Dee
not read anything like this before although it has a leagues under the sea vibe

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