13. Vulnerability.

       I roam through her mind, going through the moments she spent away from me. Morbid curiosity on my behalf, I just want to see what she did while away from me. How she felt. It was depressing, uneventful, so I snort the mission to focus on my task at hand.

      If her mind were a file cabinet, imagine focusing and thumbing through thousands and thousands of files. Trying to go back to find the perfect bits and pieces of memory. I'm quite efficient though, having had decades of practice, and in no time I am weaving moments together. Creating the perfect tapestry to present to her. Instead of erasing the memory of my fuck up, I simply plan to lie about it's meaning. To explain later.


         If I erase the memory, Axar's presence here will go unexplained. She'll ask questions. I'll lose credibility with him that I need
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