The Forsaken

The Forsaken

By:  Val Sims  Completed
Language: English
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For years, the witches and vampires of Shadowbrooke co-existed secretly, without much incident. Until one winter evening in 2002. Luca Delacroix was on a hunting trip when the monthly court hosted by his clan turned disastrous. What began as a normal night for the residents of the sleepy town ended horribly when fledgelings in blood-lust took Shadowbrooke under siege. It took a small coven of witches, a powerful spell, the Chaos Star and a virgin's blood to end the terror. But in the aftermath, Julian Delacroix, Luca's brother, along with several of their clan members, were eternally bound to the manor's cellar, forsaken to wither and perish from thirst. It's 2022, and Luca's returned to Shadowbrooke after two decades. His sudden reappearance threatens to destabilise the peaceful town again. He'll stop at nothing to get his brother out, and the Youngblood Coven will not hesitate to destroy him. While the witches scramble to get the missing piece of the Star of Chaos, the rune they once used against Luca's clan, he has to fight hard to stay one step ahead of them. But, his plans go awry when he meets and falls in love with Cadence Youngblood, the same woman responsible for his brother's infernal prison. Cadence is everything he shouldn't want, but for her, Luca is willing to take the backlash from his clan and risk her coven's wrath. © 2022 Val Sims. All rights reserved. No part of this novel may be reproduced, distributed, or transmitted in any form or by any means, including photocopying, recording, or other electronic or mechanical methods, without the prior written permission of the author and publishers.

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Amazing story
2022-05-31 04:21:32
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Nice story, waiting for the book two of this novel...
2022-05-27 01:49:52
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Darla Lyn
Great novel, and I love all your books
2022-05-25 14:29:35
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Love it amazing book
2022-05-25 14:21:23
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I love Luca and Cade love story, it's amazing book I want to read more from your work keep safe Author ...
2022-05-25 14:06:20
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It's my first time to read a paranormal book or story, it's a great story and I love the way you write, keep on writing ms. Val I love all your books ...
2022-05-24 14:14:46
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Ethan Choi
Much love! Can’t wait to
2022-05-11 19:07:06
62 Chapters
1|Blast From The Past
Sonja Youngblood marched across the marsh with purpose and determination, punctuating each stride. The dead leaves scattered on the path leading up to the front steps billowed around her. A few hit her in the face, gently grazing her cheek, silently welcoming her to the haunted house, or perhaps warning her of the approaching storm.Sonja hated the place. She hated even more that she was there. She could still taste the fear and anger of that night so long ago, and the smell of incense that hung heavy in the air. Years later, every time she lit incense, she remembered the vampire's fateful monthly court, her coven's sacrifices, and all the things they lost. Now, they were back, threatening to tear the power from their hands once more.Never again, Sonja fumed as she clambered up the crumbling steps, the rotting tiles on the porch groaning under her weight. Before she could even hammer her fists on the heavy oak door, it slowly rattled to life with a long, dreadful squeak. But all Sonja
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2|The Forgotten Ones
Sonja was long gone, but Luca was still seething over their encounter as he roamed the deathly silent rooms of the old manor, replaying their confrontation like a record stuck on repeat.He didn't realise how much rage and hatred he harboured for the witch until she showed up on his doorstep, unannounced and uninvited.Twenty years had done nothing to cool his fury.He'd wanted to kill her right then and there, but his mind somehow won over his emotions. Sonja could still be useful to his plans.Still fuming, Luca stalked through the courtyard to what remained of the grand library in the manor's west wing. By the time he made it across, he was drenched to the bone from the rain falling in torrid sheets. It was almost as if the heavens above were weeping with him.The weakling humans cowered close together in the corner of the room at the sight of his shadow looming over the doorway, despair and panic gripping their fragile hearts."Please, let us go." The woman wailed in her hands, her
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3|Night Of The Court
Luca left the cellar and retreated to the crypt. But hard as he tried, he couldn't close his eyes and silence his mind. He gave up after numerous attempts and settled on staring at the ceiling instead. He thought back to the last twenty years, conversations that took place in this very room resurfaced, and memories and feelings he'd struggled to keep locked away over the last two decades rushed forth.He'd run through that evening a million times in his head, wondering if he could have done things differently. Maybe if he'd delayed his hunting trip, postponed it for another week, and stayed, none of the misery that followed since would exist.He remembered that fateful night so clearly, as though it were just yesterday. He had awakened from a troubled sleep, and the deep sense of foreboding from his dream had haunted him throughout the day. To distract himself and shake off the ominous feeling of doom gripping his heart, he'd thrown himself at the piano, convinced music would do the tr
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4|No One Dies Tonight
—A loud thud directly above him pulled Luca from his troubled past.He was instantly on his feet and out of the door. He ran up the stairs and crashed into Nelson on the landing, just as the other man was about to come and find him. The butler was so distraught it took Luca a few minutes to calm him down and tell him what had gotten him so spooked."The girl, sir, she's having convulsions—I tried—"Luca didn't stick around to hear the rest of his explanation. He bolted to the basement, where they kept their medical supplies. The leather duffel bag was still where he'd left it over a month ago, inside the steel cabinet.He took it back to the guest room and emptied its contents on the bed beside the girl, his deft fingers rummaging through the dozens of containers and tubes. An earth-shattering sigh shot through his lips when he found the syringe and pumped it with adrenaline.Nelson was beside himself with worry as he frantically paced the length of the room. "Get a grip!" Luca growle
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5|Good Neighbours-Part 1
Cadence Youngblood's steel-grey eyes lit up as she watched the unusually tall man jump out of the red pickup truck and swiftly run up the front steps, the steady wind blowing through his jet-black hair.Just as he was about to reach the door, as if he could sense her watching him, he paused, turned and stared straight at her.Cadence gasped and ducked out of view, crawling on all fours as she drew the curtains to block out his sharp gaze.She waited and slowly counted to ten, before she rose from the floor and opened the curtains again, just in time to see him retrieve a large, blue cooler box from the truck's bed. His movements were smooth and fluid as he crouched down to place it on the ground. The muscles on his broad shoulders flexed underneath the white T-shirt, and his black jeans moulded his firm butt to perfection.Cadence wondered about the contents of the cooler box. It was way too chilly to stock up on beers. But on second thought, she didn't care. Surely, whatever was in th
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6|Good Neighbours-Part 2
In the crumbling manor across the creek, Luca busied himself by starting the fire in the fireplace, and did his best to ignore April as she sat listlessly in one of the armchairs in the room. She hated storms, and the mournful sounds coming from the basement weren't doing much to lift her spirits."How can we just sit here? They can sense something is different this time. You have to get the witch onboard ASAP!" she screeched as she grabbed Luca's half-full goblet from the coffee table and sent it soaring. The glass hit the opposite wall, shattering into smithereens on the floor as the rich dark red liquid splashed everywhere."Great job April. There's plenty more where that came from, so waste what we have, why don't you?" Luca's voice dripped with sarcasm as he glared at her."I can't take this, Luca! Doesn't it bother you that he's in there? He probably won't last lo—" April didn't finish her rant. Luca had her throat in his hand in a flash, his icy fingers wrapped tightly around he
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7|The Coven
"Unbelievable!" Sonja glared at the members of her coven with pure disbelief written in her eyes. They'd all sensed Luca's arrival, hence their impromptu gathering. But for an hour, they'd talked about almost everything under the sun, and none of it was important."What is it, dear?" asked Luann, her older sister and the coven's high priestess."This is what he wants, to see us fight, squabble, and doubt each other."Before Sonja had even finished her piece, they were all at it again, screaming and waving their fists, threatening to do bodily harm to each other with their magic. The reason for their heated war of words was Carmella Long failing to produce her piece of the magical keystone the coven had used to eternally bind the members of Luca's clan to the Delacroix's cellar twenty years ago.The keystone in question had eight pieces, and when arranged and placed together, they took on the shape of an eight-point star, known as the Star of Chaos or The Divine Fire Wheel.There were m
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Cadence was nodding off to sleep in her room when she felt the slight tremor, followed by a deafening bang in the living room. She leapt out of bed and grabbed her witch's broom just inside the door in case trouble was waiting for her on the other side, and reluctantly made her way to the source of the noise.It was pitch dark, since all the lights in the house were out, and she could barely see a thing. So she fumbled along the wall for a few anxiety-inducing seconds, as she frantically ran her hand along the wall, blindly searching for the light switch, cursing when she tripped and almost fell over something soft.After a few tries, Cadence finally flipped the switch, flooding the living room with brilliant light. She burst into tears when she saw her mom on the floor."Mom, what happened?" she asked as she picked her up from the floor and helped her onto the sofa. "I had to teleport from the hill. They were after me, Cade. They wanted my piece of the star!" Sonja rambled incoherent
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9|The Hunters
In their cabin in the secluded part of the woods, Samuel and his small band of vampire hunters were still reeling over their failure. They all hurried to their little corners and busied themselves with cleaning their weapons, getting them ready for the impending war with anyone who dared stand in their way. "We'll get it next time," he told the other four. He was referring to the piece of the Chaos Star they'd tried to get from Sonja. But even as he said the words, he knew he wasn't convincing anyone. The Youngbloods' magic was far more powerful than they remembered. They'd heard rumours floating around town about Luca's return and his plans to free his brother, and they knew the vampire would need the Chaos Star to break the seal. Rather than tempt fate and leave the star in the hands of the witches, they'd decided to take matters into their own hands. They already had Carmella Long's piece. They just needed the rest. The idea was to destroy the star before Luca got his hands on it.
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10|Breakfast Run
Cadence was surprised to find a note from her mom when she walked into the kitchen the next morning. 'Cade, I'm sorry for rushing off like this; there was an emergency with the coven. Have fun at school. See you later! Love, Mom!'She didn't need to be a witch to know that something was seriously wrong with the coven as she read the note. Two emergency meetings in twenty-four hours didn't look good, and she wondered how much of it had to do with last night's incident.Cadence had just sat down, ready to stuff her face with Froot Loops, when the doorbell rang."Can't I have some cereal in peace around here?" she grumbled as she went to get the door, her heart going berserk when she found Luca on her front porch. The mere sight of him made her all shaky and weak-kneed, and she had to lean on the door frame for support. "Hello," he said."Hi." Her greeting was surprisingly coherent and polite enough. But there was nothing coherent or polite about the sound of her heart pounding in her ch
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