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Hermione had filed for a divorce and opened up a case against Jim and Peach.She sat at the end of the bench waiting for her lawyer.She arrived in no time to brief her.

Then Peach arrived.The woman had the guts to approach her."Hermione I am so sorry for the loss of your dau..."she was saying.Hermione stood up.She stopped her midsentece with a slap.Then she walked into court.She didn't want to engage in chitchat.She wanted them behind bars fast.Sooner or later proceedings began


Hermione left the court room burning with anger.The system was corrupt.She had thought she could have them behind bars."Hermione I told you we should settle this outside court,"Jim said."You bribed the judges didn't you? You and your filthy money that you inherited from your parents.Our daughter is dead and you couldn't even give her justice?Jim why wou...,"she was saying.

"Can we go home love,I have had a very long day with your bitter ex wife,"Peach said.Hermione looked taken aback.Then she noticed Peach had an engagement ring.She looked at Jim.Pain written all over her face."You are marrying this woman?"she asked in shock.Jim looked down in shame.Peach smiled."Yes, Saturday night.Its your divorcing holding back our wedding,"she said.

She looked at him in disbelief."The day our daughter was being laid to rest?God!How cou..."her voice broke.The lump in her throat growing.Jim moved forward to touch her.To hold her."Hun this is enough drama.She can't blame us for Ellie running off and getting hit,that wasn't our fault.If anything you caused this yourself Hermione with that stupid scholarship you got.You have yourse..."she was saying.

"Enough Peach for heaven's sake.That's enough,"Jim retorted.The tears ran down her face.It was taking up all the energy in her body not to cry."I can give you half of my inheritance,"he said.Hermione slapped him.Then she started hitting him.There were no words she could utter.And she finally crushed and fell crying.Her lawyer helped her up and they drove her home.

Later that day she made a decision.She called a lawyer.She wanted a divorce and she didn't want anything from him,not a single cent.She dropped her marriage name and took up her father's name again,Hermione Jones.She was going for that scholarship.She left town that night and it was not until she was in Newyork that she learnt she was pregnant for her ex husband....

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