Chapter 1

16 years later

"Do you want me to drive you to school?,"her mum asked."Muuuuuuum,noo,"Cheryl said."Okay just make sure you tell me how you find your first day of school, okay?"she said concern all over her face."Only if you promise you won't call every hour,"she said.Her mum smiled.She kissed her forehead."Have the best day hunnie,I love you,"she said."I love you too mum,bye,"she said.

Cheryl Jones was the only child.They'd just moved back to her mum's hometown.Cheryl had been brought up by her mum only.She'd never asked about her dad.She got the feeling it was a painful story to her mum so she just avoided it completely.Besides she'd grown up spoilt and never lacked anything.What more could she ask for?

She had large black eyes.Very dark long hair.She had the perfect skin.Very smooth,no acne,no dark spots.She had a few curves here and there.Not so bright but not so dumb either.She maintained average grades.This was her first time at Newvalley High School.And it was nothing like her old school.

She went straight to the principal's office where she got a guide and a list of her classes.Winter,her guide was one of the best performers the school had.And she filled her in very well."Here,this is your locker,"she said.She put some of her books inside."I have bio,care to show me where to go,"she said."This way..."she said.They started to move.

"Heeey, you are new?"a voice asked.They both turned.Winter groaned."Cheryll,Yvette...Yvette, Cheryl,"she said.Cheryl stretched her hand to shake hers.Yvette laughed."I am sorry did I seem like I was interested in catching germs,"she mocked."Don't mind her,lets go,"Winter said.They whisked past students.

Cheryl later learned that Yvette was one of the mean girls.They got to her class."I don't have bio but here is my number,call me after your class,"she said."Will do, thank you.See you later,"she said.She stood outside.This was it.So far so good.A lady was sitting at the teacher's desk.She approached her.

"Uuumh hi,I'm Cheryl Jones,I was hopin...,"she was saying.The teacher looked up gleaming with joy."Aaah Miss Jones,welcome.Quiet,everyone take your seats,"she said.Everybody sat down except one girl who was still standing glaring at her."Brickley I said down,"she said."I am already on my seat,"a guy answered.He looked so much like the girl.Cheryl instantly knew they were twins.

"I was talking to your sister Cassidy,"she said."I am not sitting until she seats,"the girl answered."This is Cheryl Jones,new student, she recently moved back to town with her mum and I would love it if you were all friendly to mak..."she said."So your mum is a single mum?"the girl asked.

"Camila,I said be nice,"the teacher said."Or what? You'll get me suspended from the school my parents own?"she asked with a wicked smile.Cheryl took a step forward."Your parents might own the school but people like my mum will make sure you are able to afford that not so fancy skirt you are wearing,"Cheryl said then took a seat."Now now girls,lets remember we are all equal.Camila take a seat,I'll begin my lesson,"the teacher said but even she had a smile on her face.

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