Nicole's POV

I wake up to my alarm . My favorite song, faded by Allan walker comes through the phone and wakes me up from my  sleep. I had set my favorite song as the alarm. It is exactly 6am ,I lazily drag myself out of the bed and head for the shower. I have an interview scheduled today at exactly 7am and I'm  planning on being there by 6:45am.

I use exactly ten minutes to take my shower. I come back to my room. On my dressing table ,I apply minimal amount of makeup,I am not a fan of make up anyways, I slide into my pair of black official pants, which is of course chosen by Maya,a grey chiffon  official blouse and black  blazer. I put my phone, portable charger , official academic reports ,my lip gloss and pocket tissues into my hand bag, tie my hair up into a  pony tail, by the way I'm one of the blessed girls with long hair and I'm so  proud of it. I slide into my black low heeled stilettos and marvel at my reflection in the mirror as I head out to the kitchen to take my breakfast.

My room is the last one down the hallway ,then the guest room and Maya's is the first just from the living room. Maya is my best friend since our junior year in high school and our friendship nourished up to college. We joined the same college though we took different courses but we still stayed together. Maya's home place is not far from mine and we would just visit each other during the holidays and sometimes crush at each other's house on weekends. Maya has been  a true definition of a friend,she's been like a sister to me and my pillar of strength especially after I lost my family in a car crush. Speaking of family,since my whole family crushed I've never seen any of my relatives,I've been staying with Maya's family after they took me in.

They've been the best family to me,though I have been having  part time jobs working at the coffee shop ,working at the supermarket,while I was still in college  but they  still made sure I was comfortable.

As I head to the living room I pass by the guest room and peep in. Though we rarely had guests we still keep the room clean and for emergency,only Maya's two sisters visit us during the holidays. Belvina is in her Senior year in high school while Clara just joined junior high school early this year.

I knock on Maya's room  and get  no response I assume she's  already up and in the kitchen preparing some breakfast. We both have plans today,Maya having studied fashion and design in college  has already gotten a place in some private company but is planning on starting  her own company once,she gets enough money. Maya got a job before me ,I have dropped my CV at different companies but got no response,it's been almost six months since we graduated but I have lost no hopes I continued dropping CVS and application letters at different companies,until when I landed myself an interview at the most trending and famous company in town , PARKER DRAPER'S LIMITED COMPANY. I  am only hoping I get that job,having studied human resource I applied for the HR officer position.

Smell of pancakes wafts my nose as I enter the kitchen. Maya always knew my favorite she's already dressed up and I wondered how she managed to do things that quickly ,I'm  the opposite of her.

"Morning sleepy head,I still managed to wake up before you yet I'm not the one having  an interview today", Maya says

"Morning,you should at least congratulate me today because I tried ,imagine in already dressed up and it's still 6am",I answer her back as I pour myself a cup of coffee and munch the pancakes, and by the way did I ever  tell you Maya is   a great cook?well I just told you now.

" Mmmh these pancakes are sweet you're a good chef", I say to her.

"Haha all thanks to my mom, by the way you look stunning in that pair of pants",she laughs heartily at me.

"I know you saying that to make me feel better and because you the one that chose this tight pants for me", I say back to her.

"Not really girl you look stunning", she smiles at me.

"Let's get going I don't want to be late ,we shall meet in the evening I guess,bye", I wave at her as I head out to catch a bus before it's late.

"Bye ,I wish you all the best in your interview", she shouts back at me.

Our apartment is just next to the road so it's not hard spotting an already full bus to town,  I walk faster so that I don't miss the chance  but as I'm about to cross the road a car passes by and the driver kind of wanted to avoid a pothole on the road when he accidentally crushes into another pothole full of dirty water and it splashes on my clothes.

"You psychopath,son of a bitch,how dare you splash dirty water on my favorite pair of pants", I scream at him.

The guy I seem is in his late twenties, is busy staring at me,he's an epitome of beauty. He's in a pair of grey suits,and the type of car he's driving speaks money to any sane person, he's rich as fuck .I secretly stare at him without him noticing,he's tall dark and handsome,every woman's dream. I wonder the kind of masculine body inside that suit. "Stop staring Nicole", that's my conscience shouting at me and I do exactly what it says.

"sorry mum I  wasn't concentrating ,I'm sorry I ruined your clothes,"he says

"Keep the sorry to yourself,I'm late for an interview and you just chose this as the perfect time to ruin my day and to set the record clear I'm not an old woman for you to call me mum", I sneered at him."And by the way it's not good to stare at strangers that's creepy", I say back to him ,with that I sway my hips as I head to the bus where the tout is impatiently waiting for me.

I heave a sigh of relief when the bus resumes the journey and off we go to town." Jeez that was close", I say to myself.

Thank God I am wearing a pair of black pants otherwise I don't know  what  I could've done with  stained clothes. I removed my shawl from my hand bag and wipe myself clean. I then get  my phone from my bag,connect my earphones,I go  through my play list and  select my favorite song. I'm lost in my thoughts as we head to town through the thick traffic jam hoping I don't get there late.

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