Chapter 06

🌹Lucy pov🌹

Flight from Florida to Texas took us 2 hours 28 minutes but, to me, it took like forever.

Here I am at the airport waiting for the boy my aunt sent his picture to me, I adjusted my face cap very well and dipped my hand into my bag, I brought out my dark shades and wore it. I look like a badass but that's not enough. I want to resemble nothing but a mafia queen.

"Hello" I heard a deep but yet nice masculine voice.

"Hi" I replied.

"Are you Lucia?" he asked.

"Yes I am, are you?....." I couldn't even remember his name.

"Simon" he helped me out.

"Exactly, are you Simon?" I asked.

"Yes I am" he replied and I checked the picture of him that my aunt sent, he is the one.

"Nice meeting you" I said and extended my hand for a handshake.

"The pleasure is all mine" he replied and we shook hands.

Wow! his hand is so soft.

"Permit me to say this, you are handsome" I said and he smiled.

Wow!, he has a lovely smile too just like my brother's.

"Thanks, but you ain't bad also" he replied.

"Let's get going now" he added and we both walked to where his car was parked.

The guy is extremely cute, everything about him is just moderate, you won't know he is a drug dealer with this cute innocent face of his.

But I don't want to look innocent,  I will cut my hair and dye it, I need a wide tattoo and a power bike.

After driving for some hours he pulled the car to a halt in front of his apartment and we both alighted.

"Welcome to my house" he said smiling.

"Wow!, what a beautiful house you've got" I complimented.

"Thanks for the compliment anyway, but all thanks to boss, we have a lot of catch up to do, so come let me show you your room" he said and led me to a  well-furnished bedroom, not as big as my previous bedroom though.

"Feel at home, okay? let me excuse you" he said and turned to leave.

"Emm... Simon" I called and he stopped on track.

"Yes" he replied.

"Please I need you to take to where I can get my hair cut and dyed" I said.

"Why?, why would you think of cutting your hair?, am sorry if I sound too concerned, but I would advise you leave it like this, you can dye it but please don't cut it" he said with a pleading tone.

Should I leave it as he said or cut it as I wish?, well I will grant him that request as the first guy I ever admire apart from my brother.

"Okay, I will leave it as you said, but I need a beautiful yet wide tattoo and a power bike" I said and he took in a deep breath.

"If you want a tattoo, no problem about that, I will take you to where mine was drawn, and as for your bike, we will get it also before you start your mission here" he said and finally left my room.

I need to take a warm bath.

🌹Simon pov🌹

I never knew boss's niece is as beautiful as this, I nearly lost control when I saw her at the airport but I was quick to get hold of myself.

When she told me she wants to cut her hair, I felt bad, because I love her long hair, getting a tattoo isn't bad, but cutting her hair is what I can never support.

I will help her in all the way I can, I want her to finish the mission on time and I will tell her how beautiful she is, the feeling can't be denied.

I love her at first sight,  I  hope she feels how I felt too, I want her for myself.

I love you, Lucy.

But is what am feeling real?.

Maybe I'm just infatuating, but I'm old enough to differentiate between love and infatuation.

I think it's love.

No, it's infatuation.

Maybe love.

It might be infatuation.


"Simon what's wrong with you, calm your nerves down" I muttered to myself.

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