Chapter 59

I stare agape at the old lady for a moment. Is she saying the truth or joking around with me? 

Dhruv's other name is Mimo? How can that brat have such a cute name? 

I think you shouldn't call him a brat since he's the one who saved you from your vomit party. 



Sometimes, I can't even insult this guy because of his good deeds. Does he have a Mahatma Gandhi version 2.0 too in his self? 


"I know it sounds a bit out of place for you. But I have been taking care of Dhruv from his childhood. I am like his second mother. And I gave this nickname to him."

"Oh,I see. That's...umm... very kind." 

Wow! What great words , Meera! Claps for you! 

Excuse me! If you invite your band party to play their drums inside your ar

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