What the hell is all this? I know I have promised Angela that I will stay away from her work life. For keeping bodyguards with her, she had a condition that I shouln't interfere with her work life. For the same reason, I didn't ask her the company name she is working for. Well okay, I asked several times but she was feisty and wouldn't tell that. I would have asked my bodyguards this morning, but this stupid meeting came in between. So I decided to directly call Angela instead of calling my bodyguards. And this is what I get now. Mike Carter, the womanizer, manwhore is my Angela's boss. How can she work for that womanizer? No she can't work for that man. I don't care if she doesn't like me interfering with her work life. But she won't work there.

Suddenly the car stopped. I immediately got out of the car and rushed towards Mike's office. Yes I know on which floor he works. I passed the receptionist, who was trying to stop me first, but when she realiz

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