Chapter fourty-one


I bit down on my buttom lip out of frustration, because I was restless.

It felt like things were taking a sullen turn in my life, and would end bad. The one man who I had seen as my savior, was looking really vulnerable and stressed out. Like he was fed up with everything that was ongoing at the moment.

I wouldn't blame him, though. I knew since I didn't come into his life, he was okay. Though he was cold and grumpy, but he was at peace. But then, he took me in and everything about his life changed. From saving me on several occasions, to loosing his security guard, and almost getting killed in the process of trying to save me.

Right at that moment, the door was being jerked open, and Alex made his way in. Looking much tired and stressed out than how I had seen him last night. But he still had the same outfit on.

My heart fluttered in my chest, because he stayed. He didn't go.

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