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<Demons and deals with the devil> When small town girl Jessica Ryan escapes her capture she thinks she can move on with her life. Years later when the creep escapes prison she thinks she can end it all. Instead she finds herself face to face with a shadow figure that has come to collect on a deal. Will she make it out alive?

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amazing story
2022-02-09 06:46:27
23 Chapters
The Creep
              Nothing ever happened here in this small, mountain town.  Until one day something did, and it just so happened to ruin her life.  Jess stared absent-mindedly at the whiteboard, zoning until the straight lines of the writing all blurred together.  The tick-tock of the clock hanging on the wall above her seemed to further hypnotize her.  She startled to a tap on her elbow, her best friend for pretty much her whole life Jackie, was passing her a folded up note. The note read:                                   Let's go get a movie and snacks for tonight.                           &
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Home Sweet Home
            The truck kept going for hours it felt like.  Jess stared out at the trees till they all became one big green blur.  It was only when the creep turned off on to a dirt road that Jess snapped back to reality.  It may have been from the pain of the bumps throwing her injured body around, or the fact that she was trying to memorize where they were going.             She let out a muffled cry. “There, there, pretty girl.  We’re just about home.  Then I can get you cleaned up and feelin’ better.” He smiled at her and grabbed her hand.  She jerked away and her resistance was met with a quick elbow to the face and the world was still.             When Jess came to she found herself on an old disgusting bed with sheets that seemed not to have seen a washing machin
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Die Trying
            Light crept through the boards on the windows as Jess laid on the bed motionless zoning into the obsess. It was becoming easier to just feel nothing and numb herself.  The creep offered her some eggs and a burnt piece of toast.  She remained motionless but watched as he placed it on the side table. “Come on now, you gotta be starving.  At least have some water.” He lifted her up and she felt like a rag doll.  She let him give her water and some of it ran down her chin, she didn’t bother to try to catch it. “Ahem. What’s your name?” She asked.             He looked amazed she would ask. “Well pretty girl. You're looking at the one and only Jedd Parson!” He threw his arms up like he was declaring himself the winner of some game. “Jedd.” She pulled herself up as best she could. “My names Jess…I wou
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New Normal
            Jess just kept driving, when she saw the name of her town pop up on the highway sign she sped up.  She must have blown through the main street stop sign, she was oblivious.  That was until she saw red and blue lights flash behind her.  Jess had never been so happy to see a cop in her life.  The familiar voice of the town sheriff come over a mega phone.  “Jedidiah, turn off the truck and step out of the vehicle with your hands over you head!” He shouted.             Jess flipped the ignition off and sobbed into the wheel.  She had forgot that she was completely naked and covered in blood up until this moment.             “Step out of the truck! Don’t make me tell you again!” Even though the spot light from the squad car was bright; she could see in the rear
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Moving Forward
             Jess woke up shivering; she pulled her blanket up over her shoulders and rolled over.  She had never opened her window it was fall and freezing outside. Yet, it was wide open.  Every instinct in her body was warning her that something was wrong.             “Just go shut it.” She said to herself.             She jumped up and shut the window.             Without the fresh air she was met with a familiar nose burning smell.  Jess was frozen in fear as if her foot was back in a shackle.  She felt a presence in her room and felt someone pull up some of her hair.  She heard him sniff her hair and her stomach dropped to the floor.  How did he get in here with there being cops outside?  How did he
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            Flash forward eight years.  Jess had completed the five required years for experience at the local police department. She finally landed herself the role of a Deputy Sheriff.  In her small town that meant sitting just inside of county lines trying to catch a speeder, or handling drunken brawls at the local dive bars.  Nothing of real excitement.  She had talked her parents into letting her rent out her family home when they retired in Florida last March.                          She was content in her life.  She had never regretted not leaving for college and she loved her job.  She also loved her fiancé, Trevor.  He traveled for work and was gone for weeks at a time but when he was home he lived with her and they made up for the missed time.   
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            Every noise that night had Jess on alert.  She hadn’t ever felt the need to one-hundred percent arm the house for movement.  Tonight she had set it and almost shot her cat Kitten, when she had gone down stairs to simply use the litter box.  When Jess laid back down for the twentieth time Trevor sat up and turned the light on. “What are you doing?” Jess said exhausted. “I figured since you’re not sleeping and I’m not sleeping, we might as well not pretend.” He sat against the headboard and pulled her to his chest to cuddle.  She slumped herself against his body and he flipped on the television. “No sleep for the wicked I imagine.”  She sighed and he ignored her. “Shall we N*****x and chill?” They both laughed. Jess was grateful for Trevor. He never rushed her. He didn’t look at her like she was broken. He just loved her, all her flaws included. “Let’s wa
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            Walking into the station Jess was met with the all to familiar stares of pity and silence.  All eyes were on her as she made her way towards the sheriff’s office.  Philip was the first to approach her. “Hey uh... Stupid question but, how ya doin?” He put a hand on her forearm. “I’m fine.” Jess gave him a half smile. “Nothing I haven’t been through before.” “Ya, well. I guess you're right there.  He’s on a call right now but go on in.” He nodded towards the door. Jess knocked. “Come in.” Shouted the sheriff from the other side.             She walked in and he gestured to give him a minute.  She sat on the chair across from him and just listened to the one side of the conversation. “I want all of Belton, Clevlock, and Destor county looking for this guy.  He’s a serial rapist, kidnapper and mu
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             Here we go. Jess thought as she rolled her window down and put her hand out.  She let the wind dance through her fingers and inhaled as if she was trying to smell the pine for the last time.  The air was crisp, a little cooler than normal at this time of year.  As a child she would always roll the windows down and hang out as far as her mother would let her. Little Jess would stretch out her arms as far as they would reach, to her she was flying.  She would sometimes have red marks from her hair whipping her in the face, she never cared.  To feel that free sometimes it has to burn a little.             Jess hung her head out of the window some and let the wind whip her face.  She was ready for the burn.  She accepted it at this point.  She was ready to burn for her freedom when he came for her. 
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A Deal
            It was a short trip down the ridge and Jess was not one-hundred percent sure where Jay had parked his car.  Unsure what to expect she drove slow.  As she came around the second to last bend before the main highway, her headlights lit up Jays squad car.  Both doors were open and the road spikes where thrown out across the road.             She tried to take in the entirety of the situation before jumping out.  After all the ball was now in Jedd’s court.  Jess was yet again at the mercy of this psychopath.  There was no way she could move the spikes, make it to the squad car, locate Jay and be back in the car.  She was lucky he wasn’t at her door ripping her out.  She opened the door and was hit with the bitter cold.  It was always freezing on this side of the ridge because of the river about forty feet down.&nbs
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