La Requiem

La Requiem

By:  Judith O.  Completed
Language: English
67 ratings
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The ICS breeds only the finest and the fittest, but, there are terrible secrets eating through this agency's foundation like termites. It seems...everyone here carries a past—past' so dark they're willing to do anything to keep it buried. ••• When Lade Adenuga gets handpicked by the ICS, it changes his life in ways he couldn't have imagined. He spends years living this new life, and when things start to fall apart quickly, his only chance lies at the heartland of a game reserve. With his past on a billboard and his future on a tombstone, it's a vicious cycle of survival, and Lade Adenuga is losing. (Rewritten version available soon)

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Susia Anrry
like it gnda sbra
2022-01-12 23:12:05
default avatar
keep going. curious what will happen next. is there any social media to discuss your story further?
2021-08-03 13:38:32
user avatar
Joeferson Flores
great nice??????
2021-05-06 06:21:12
user avatar
Matthew ihiz
Really a great story
2020-11-02 23:12:13
default avatar
I've read some chapters and it looks really good, hoping to finish in no time.
2020-10-08 02:11:26
user avatar
Really nice story
2020-09-09 14:07:12
user avatar
Chibuzor Victor Obih
Great story, Olivia. You got the wings! Fly with pride!
2020-09-09 09:33:32
default avatar
Its a good story but I would like if the author made updates more frequently
2020-09-07 22:13:21
user avatar
Michael Shelby
Into the first chapters and I already love it. Hope I can spare more time to finish it up. #Talentedwriter
2020-09-07 12:30:23
default avatar
Very much thrilling, with well developed characters and a captivating plot! Let's just say, if you're looking for a good suspense/thriller, then this is your book!
2020-09-02 16:48:38
user avatar
It's crazy how I didn't see things coming. It was an interesting read, nice story?
2020-09-02 16:25:17
default avatar
Woahhhhhhh?? I love this book so much... My best book so far?? I highly recommend it guys??
2020-09-02 00:13:59
user avatar
Love this book!!
2020-09-01 18:39:01
user avatar
I'm halfway done, but I mean it when I say, this is a work of art. We need more Nigerian writers like you. Kudos!?
2020-08-31 05:08:32
user avatar
Neche Michael
Mehn!!! This is cool. Wished it will never end. I love it
2020-08-30 20:12:23
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58 Chapters
Part I — Chapter 1: the first wave
A year earlier... A live broadcast of the President addressing the country was about to hold. In exactly three minutes, he would be on air and I was highly expectant of what he was going to say. I was sure I wasn’t the only one waiting. Executives, governmental staff, civil workers, and even youths, waited. In short, the entire country expected the nine o’clock news on this fateful day, as we would mark it on the shelves of our history. Suited for work, I whipped up a cup of coffee and settled myself on the large office chair in my home. The morning sun’s ray slapped me in the face and I grumbled. It had robbed me of the last bits of drowsiness in my eye. I was fully awake. Annoyed, I stood to pull the blinds closed, then I reached for my radio on the table and drew it closer. I ran through channels, listening in and searching for 92.8fm, the most popular radio station. I preferred a radio. Like every other millennial, this was what we had grown up with. Here, most people associa
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Chapter 2: the current
It was abnormal to see the streets of Ikeja, Lagos, free of cars and idle on a weekday. I had thought that I was in the wrong place, and I was hesitant to gas the Avalon. An hour’s journey had turned into a fifteen-minute drive but I took it as the heavens, giving me a chance. It was a windy morning, and the weather was reaching meat-locker standard. It also wasn’t a good day to get on Commander Young’s bad side. Driving through a highway, my eyes wandered about. I embarked on this route to work every day, but today, I was feeling nostalgic. It didn’t happen all the time. I had buried the truth about where I came from at the back of my mind. But at every point and part of the landscapes I crossed, there was a story waiting to be told. I knew the drill. I was born and bred on these streets; It was my home as a proud Lagosian. Yellow Danfo buses struggled for passengers at the curb. A ride in one of those could be the craziest thing a person experienced in their entire
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Chapter 3: the current II
"You should have seen their faces," he said while laughing. He actually laughed, Unbelievable!"It's not a joke, Emeka," I replied, not sparing him a glance as we walked down the halls. He had always had this nonchalant attitude to him and it was nerve racking sometimes.My mind was even still hovering on the fact that I might have issues with the Commander because of this guy beside me. Richard Young was strict in his dealings, never failing to spare any of his boys that defaulted and broke rules. I had a fall out with him last month for some personal reasons and another one following it up in line would just be destructive.It was unbecoming of me to keep disappointing Richard, I still had so much to pay for.
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Chapter 4: the swell
I had caught the attention of a few eyes with the show I had just displayed. The almost audible gasp of the now drenched woman had not gone unheard but thankfully the large spaces drowned out the sound –– such that, people from afar could not hear or realize what had just happened."I'm so sorry," I apologised immediately, just as she struggled to find something to clean off the drink spill on her clothes before it became permanent. My voice came out in a whisper so as not to drag back the eyes to us again but she wasn't even listening, she looked more concerned about the damp patch on the upper part of her clothes.It was the only distraction I could think of, it wasn't all that smart but at least it worked."What the hell is wrong with you!" She bawled in a harsh whisper before making an attempt to push past me. It was successful, but only because I had decided to move my body the exact same time she rudely
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Chapter 5: the swell II
My breath came in pants as I crouched forward, hiding away from the now shattered glass above me. Reflexively, I shielded the lady with my body as more of its pieces began to fall unto us.A frenzied disarray of actions, building up the chaos by the minute. It was unexpected, the turnout of events that had violently jerked my attention towards the outburst. In one minute everything changed, and at this point, we could lose everything. It was almost impossible how a minute of resolute peace erupted in a series of pandemoniums, heightening swiftly by the clock. I had to buckle up and be prepared, and at the fall of the last glass piece, I expertly reached out for my gun, awaiting the next masked face.The woman behind me was trembling and the muffled
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Chapter 6: the tide
It had been ten days since the tragic event that remained packed up in our hearts and minds, refusing to let go, happened. Almost the whole of my lifetime was built upon this career path and truly, it was never even my decision from the start. I loved my job but if anyone had asked me on that fateful day ten years ago, where I saw myself in the future, the most honest answer I could have given was a thin line between dead and hopeless.He had vouchsafed me a choice when I had had none and he had stuck by me throughout, fulfilling every promise he had made to me when I was twenty-two. The countdown had started because no one was safe anymore...all our lives were in danger. There was a very slim chance that it hadn't been the Jama'atu who had manned the attack at the barracks but currently, we were running low on possible suspects.
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Chapter 7: the tide II
Kings International Church, Ikeja was filled with mixed circles of people from across the country and overseas too. Military officials in their uniforms and their various medals pinned to their clothes, stood in an angular row, saluting at the altar where his body lay.I felt an excruciating pang of agony overwhelm me as I took in the sight of his widow and only daughter. They were sitting at the front, using each other as a support for their tears.It was relieving though, at least they had shoulders to cry on, they had each other unlike Tayo and me."How is the hand," Emeka said while slapping me lightly on the back. He was referring to my now cast up hand that I felt like tearing off every minute. It was really impairing my movements and I almost felt useless without the complete full use of my hands."I can't wait to take it off," I replied as we both walked down the aisle, heading towards the altar"I heard it's a lady charmer," he said and that made me look at him with my eyebrow
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Chapter 8: the tide III
"How are you doing?" She asked once we reached outside the church building.
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Chapter 9: the course
We stood in a circle, round the large gaping hole as they lowered his body 6 feet into the ground. I was standing with Crystal and Faith and I had to support her, so she wouldn't crumble.His first cousin, Lee, was giving his own tribute and It was heartfelt and so sincere. Some families of the other victims were looking absolutely distraught while some managed to compose themselves but above all, funerals were the worst occasions to attend. I silently hoped I won't be visiting here anymore or worse end up as the one inside the box.It was Crystal's time to speak and I watched her as she gracefully walked towards the podium. The once fearless girl I knew looked shrunken and frail and my heart broke a little more seeing her like that."Dad, my rock, I don't have the strength in me to ponder on why they had to take you away from me. If I did, it might break the remaining threads holding this shattered heart of mine together.I would never find the answer, I know and as a wise person once
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Chapter 10: the course II
This time around a secret message was mailed to our inboxes requesting our presence and that was where I was now.Coker was a small town in Surulere, Lagos and I had to drive all the way from Ikeja to see why I had been called. I was more cautious and conscious of my surroundings as I would never allow what happened that day to repeat itself.When I arrived at the house in Enitan street which the mail had addressed, I was met with a group of some Generals and other Soldier's. This meet was more secretive than the other and I wondered why they hadn't summoned the rest of us but only a few. We were inaccurately, a number of 20 men present at this location, there might have been more but that was what I was able to achieve after my head count.We had sat down in a large spaced living room that had an oval centre mat with the face of a lion boldly indented on it, before a man began to speak. He had a protruding stomach that looked as though it had swallowed a whale but then I realized he w
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