Chapter 28 : Mrs. Santorini

Vicenzo's lips tighten with his both hands gripping my waist. His soulful eyes that was staring at me are like two deep pools that drowning me. They were beautiful and fascinating yet I fear that once I let this emotions of mine swallow me, I won't be able to step back alive.

"You're not... mad right?" I ask tilting my head.

His lips move to say something but then there's no word came out from his mouth making me licked my lower lip. But I guess that was a very wrong move as I saw his jaw twitched.

I think, I need to give space between the two of us. I was about to stand up but to my surprise, he suddenly lift me up to face him with my legs wide open.

"I'm hungry" I blurt out in complain but he just smirk.

"Later honey" he sexily whisper and guide my legs to wrapped around his waist before he stood up.

It was my instinctive reaction to encircle my arm around his neck afraid that he might let go of me. Although I felt his both arm around my w

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