The five of them blinked as they tried to adjust their eyes to the surroundings. The appearance of the room totally caught them off guard. When they started learning about the Fairy Clan, they let their minds get adjusted to the strange setting these Clans seemed to favor. They expected to see some fantastic and magical man-made environment. Like the ones they saw inside the hallway leading to the club. And they were expecting to see more magic when they finally got to meet the Local Clan Queen. But this room, was nothing like they expected it to be.

A plain room, surrounded by walls made of earth though large parts of them were covered with pale fabrics. The light came from lanterns which were made to look like the Will-o'-the-wisps. In the middle of the room a chaise longue was placed and on it a woman lay, surrounded by servants. She was a cold beauty, pale skin and pale blue eyes yet the hair had a flaming red color, almost like fresh blood. Her sharp gaze follo

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