Chapter - 3

Varun's Pov. :-

As usual, I got up early in the morning and went to the gym. Where I sweat out in  my workout for 2 hours

After that, I went to my room and took a shower And got ready in black pants and a black shirt as I have to travel.

I went to the dining table and sit on the chair to have breakfast soon everyone joins me I greet them, they all also greet me back with their usual smiley face.

We all had our breakfast in silence as I don't appreciate the noise in the early morning.

After breakfast, I told my housemaid to put my mini packed luggage inside the car.

" Varun When you reach there just give me a call to let me know that you have arrived there safely," said my dad like I am a 4-5-year-old kid who can't take care of himself.

I don't want to argue with him so I just nod my head in acceptance and bid by everyone

Everyone was standing at the entrance to see me off " have a good and safe journey" all shout together.

I chuckled seeing their childish behaviour

I set in my car while my bodyguards follow me in a different car.

Time skip...

In the evening ...time ...My driver told me that we had arrived to which I gave him my emotionless face and came out from the car and started to walk towards that landowner guy's house which my one bodyguard lead me.

While my other bodyguards follow me and I told my driver to give a call to my dad and inform him that I have reached safely.

My one bodyguard rang the doorbell of that guy's house ... soon the door was opened by an old lady who gave us a scared look while seeing me and my bodyguard's standing in front of her house door like whatever she is assuming us .....

" Hello is this Mr Mohan Adhikari's house," I asked her in my dominating voice

At first, she flinched but soon recovered and put on a welcoming smile.

" Hello yes this is ..and I am his wife and he is at home, please come inside," she said and lead the way to the living room.

I silently signalled my bodyguards to stay outside.

" Have a seat .......I will call him " by saying this she went to call her husband.

I set on the couch and started to wait for him to come.

After 3-4 minutes A girl nearly 17 or 18 years old came to me and offered me juice with a smile... which I took and drank in one go as I was hell thirsty and eyed her from head to toe and gave her glass back.

And gave her a wink to which she winks back.

Smirk came to my lips seeing I got my girl for today fun ...I eyed her again but slowly without any hurry.......dam her chest eyes stop on her chest and started to imagine how I am going to play with them today ....dam I am getting hard....she turns back and started to go out from the room ....huff her ass looks she is moving it too much while walking...if I get her today I will spank her ass as a punishment for teasing me like this ...

" Hello, how can I help you? And who are you? I never have met you before" said the man for whom I came here while coming towards me and set in front of me on the couch

" Hello ...I am Varun Arora son of Gyan Arora...I came here to talk to you Mr Mohan Adhikari about the deal which happened between you and my father " I said calmly

Listening to me he first frowned and then smiled, and frowned again and said " oh.. yes.. yes. Mr Arora, I remember him now .....

What do you want to talk about the deal I know that ...the land is your father's now .. because he paid me the amount and I named the land on his name also ......wait I am just coming" saying he went out from the room ...

I made a quick phone call to my investigator to give me details about my Delhi branch hotel manager ... because he is the one who said to my dad that the landowner demanding more money but here this man saying something else ...

And I already doubted that manager of my hotel from the start...

Mr Adhikari enter the room again with a file in his hand

" Here this is the land document file can check on it ...I named it on your father's name ...and I was going to come to meet your father but Mr Gopal Mehra stop me by saying that your father is not here

So ...I keep these papers with me, sorry to say this but I couldn't trust Mr Gopal with the land papers so I didn't give him the papers And you had to come here for this  " said Mr Adhikari to me

" It's alright Mr Adhikari....." I said to him ....and take the file from his hand.

I got up from my seat and said " it's nice to meet you, Mr Adhikari"

" Same here .....where are you going have dinner with us," he said.

" No need of this Mr Adhikari because I am staying at my dad's friend's house and I would like to have my dinner there only," I said in my dominating and cold voice.

he nods

I started to move outside and he also followed me to see me off ...

I again saw that girl who passes me a seductive look and I smirk and signal her with my eyes to come to my car...

I set in my car and she too started to move on the road...

I told my driver to follow her ....when she stops after some time my car also stopped seeing her .....she runs towards my car and set quickly inside it without being caught by anyone  ...and smiled at me... seductive and lustful one.

" Take the car any lonely and silent place," I told my driver...

" Yes sir," he said and started to drive.

I grab her hand and pull her onto my lap and she is facing me.

She started to move her hips on my hardness and gave me a smirk.

I smirk by thinking how will she handle me when I will fuck her hard and rough because she is making me angry by making me groan in frustration. After all, still, we are in a public area and I can't fuck her....right now not until we don't reach any lonely place...

I tug her top upward and remove it and threw it god knows where...and remove her bra as well.

I place my left hand behind her back to keep her in place.. then directly took her left hard nipple in my mouth and bite on it make her scream in pain but I had already covered her mouth with my right hand to kill her her mouth only...

I was sucking her both nipples when my driver informed me that we have reached a silent place...

" Go outside if you want ....and if you also want to join us then you can join us...

I don't mind " I said all this without looking at him as I was too busy to enjoy her big tits.

I hear no reply just the sound of opening and closing of the door...I heard

Such a good man he is ...note the sarcasm.

I pushed her beside me and removed my lower body clothes not fully only till knees and she started to remove her rest clothes as well

she pushed the passenger seat forward and make space for herself to sit on her knees.

She set on her knees and firstly gasp in shock with wide eyes by seeing my length she bits her lower lip and smile

and hold my length in her hand and said with excitement " so big, hard and thick ...hmmmm"

And put my length in her mouth and started to suck me hard, she is too amazing in it, the way she is moving her tongue over my cock gives me pleasure ...I moaned in pleasure...I take her hair as much as they came in my hand and started to move like a horse in her fucking mouth, which I am fucking right now....and moan hard while cumming inside her mouth ..she swallows my cum.

I put on a condom and make her sit on my lap and push her legs apart and slide by the hard rock like length inside her pussy which is quite tight... in a one go .....

She grabs me by my shoulder while gasping for the air with a wide open mouth and eyes and makes me smirk ...

" What do you think ......what I am huh..see you just became breathless only by taking me inside..not good babe...because I won't leave you until I get satisfied ....whether you enjoy it or not ... it's not my concern because you're the one who gave me an invitation for this let's do this ..." I said in my as usual not so good rude, dominating voice. She gave me a scared nod.

And I started to move inside her without caring anything and saw that she too enjoying it now...

" You're so fucking good, "she said and moaned...

soon my car started to shake like a giant elephant is shaking it.

After some rounds I leave her, she is looking like a madwoman right now with messy hairs .....marked red-blue body ....tired.

I pull up my boxers with the pant and tipped them, I gave her money and as a whore she takes it and gets lost after dressing herself.

I came out of my car, I move my fingers in my hair to set them properly and light up the cigarette and started to smoke and saw that it's late evening and I have to go to my dad's friend's house.

The place is beautiful where I am standing right now, quiet, greeny and peaceful.

I saw my driver is coming no no no not coming .....running towards me like some dog has bitten his ass, and I am his saviour who will save him.

" Sir phone ..... your father wants talk to you," he said still breathing hard and handed me my cell.

" Ya dad," I said

" Where are you? ...why you said no to my friend who came to help you " he said 

" Because I don't need his help dad okay by " I cut the call because I don't have time to argue with him.

I told my driver to go and clean the car and started to walk towards my dad's friend's house direction because it was not too far and I can walk.

I was walking towards the direction being guarded by all 4 bodyguards who is guarding me against all four sides.

I saw some kids, not kids uhhhm.... teenagers are playing something like throwing water and mud on each other I just ignore them and move ahead but suddenly stop as I feel like a slap but after it cold watery feeling as well on my face...... because some basterds just threw mud on me.

My one bodyguard gave me a Handkerchief to clean my face with shakey hands.

He too was covered in mud not only he, but my all bodyguards are also covering in mud from head to toe.

My face was ruddy now because of the anger and my eyes become as red as they could be.

I roam my eyes to the place where those stupid, Burden on earth, uneducated bastards were playing

Everyone was standing there like they have seen a ghost and their wide-open eyes and mouth is the evidence of fear and shock

One of them is shaking in fear a lot and tells me by his this behaviour that he is the one who did it ....he tried to run but my one bodyguard caught him before he could run away.

" Give him to me I will handle him on my own," I said to my bodyguard's

who follow my order and handed him to me

I throttle his neck with one hand...

" Are you stupid... don't you have a fucking brain...

That such mud is not thrown on anyone. Your parents did not teach you any good manners,

HOW DARE YOU do this to me huh     

I Will kill you today you bastard

You bloody villagers don't know how to live a good life in proper manners, bloody uneducated people's bloody motherfucker you mess with a wrong person.." I shout at him,  to which he closed his eyes tightly, tears coming from his eyes.

I push him down and he was coughing badly and gasping for the air but I don't give a fuck to this.

I was too much angry with him that much that I can't control myself and ended up giving him a strong punch.

" Bloody villager next time be aware of your surrounding," I said to him and punch him again on his face.

" I am sorry sir please leave me m.e...s.i..r..." he said with joined hands while weeping and moaned in pain

Like I care about his tears and pain huhh he dares to disrespect me the great Varun Arora...I have to teach him a lesson so next time he can't do such kind of thing. and remember me always. I am a heartless man so his crying or pleading doesn't affect me.

I grab his collar and twist it so that his neck was throttling by the collar of his shirt.

Again tear started to come from his eyes, his face becomes red due to blockage of air supply to his lungs.

" Your sorry wouldn't goi..."

my words got died in my mouth as well as I leave the boy and became silent or statue for few minutes...

when I feel pain on my cheek which was covered with the mud before.

.... because


Again some stupid villager mess with me








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There are so many spelling and grammatical errors that it becomes irritating to read it. Can you plz edit the story better as the plot is good and it will make it great after these errors are removed. Just a suggestion
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Beverley Avengers
it's alright I thinking that I should start from the beginning again

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