(5 years later)

Varun's Pov.:-

I am in my office room reading new projects files ... And picking out mistakes in them to kill my time ..

Door got opened by someone .. to make me look up .. at the person who have this much guts to open it without knocking ...

" Dada .. I am mad at you " she said ... While coming towards my table with lazy steps ...

I put aside my work and see my PA is running inside to stop my daughter coming to me .. but he failed in it as my daughter is now standing infront of me... Just two steps away ...

I dismissed my PA by waving my hand ..

" Why .. why my baby is mad at her dada ? " I asked to her while picking her up and make her sit on my chair while I stop before her ... On my knees ..

" Because you didn't called me sweetheart today


Hey guys , so it's the end of the story . Please drop your review about this story in comment section . I will be greatfull to hear your point of view towards this story . Please support my work . Be safe and happy . Thanks !

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Cassandria Meeks
we need updates on kashvi and her baby is boy or girl did they find out who did they to her did she find someone to love her and her baby love the book
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the story is available here. its name is Mr Old Bully
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Garima Bhatt
what about Mavericks story??
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