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"I can't leave you when you are bearing my baby." He whispered, afraid of scaring me; his gaze solely on my flat tummy."Baby?" I was stunned and speechless. Fresh drops of tears started to pool down through my already wet cheeks. If it had happened any other day, I would have been happy but now...You can't decide your fate, it will follow you up wherever you go until you die. Two peoples are destined to love each other but they are from different worlds, completely opposite.---Reil Rahan, a scientist student gone for research in Chennai, the most famous city in India, to prove there is nothing about the Heil named monster who hunt the whole people down If it lost its mind.The most genius scientist Mr. Hayle Stone Says it's an animal whose body is covered with human flesh. He warned her already to stay out of this when she shows some interest in this case. She wants to prove these are just a lie nothing but the scientists made mistake over a years and spread rumours to keep their reputation at bay using the monster name 'Heil.'Her father is a famous scientist who is no more with her in the world. She followed her father's path and tried to find out the hidden misery.But one thing she doesn't know how the animal looks like, whether it is a human or human-shaped animal like they said?Whatever, but she is so adamant to prove they all are wrong. She and the group of her friends gone together to research further. Will they succeed or lost their lives not taking Mr. Hayle Stone's words seriously? Or will she be able to save her friends? But how? ***Read and find***

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THE HIDDEN SECRETS by AnishaxAhsinashi is a romantic mystery thriller novel. Reil Rahan goes to Chennai to investigate the famous Heil monster. She meets Hayle Stone, a brilliant scientist who warns her that her goal is dangerous. The beast is part human and attacks people. Engaging with it can lead to death. But being part human, can it also feel emotions such as love? What will Reil do when the Heil monster becomes interested in her? Can she escape its clutches, or will she discover it possesses some goodness?

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Mhiz Presh
very interesting
2020-11-24 06:17:12
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Love to hear your voice
2020-11-21 19:30:14
42 Chapters
Chapter 1
 Enough of hearing their bullshit, I decided to visit India for further investigation. Just a visit not going to change anything, rather, it gives the answer I'm dying to find. Deep down I have a feeling that this visit will change my life but how? Let's figure out later. I have finished my degree in Texas a famous college around the city. I'm a biological student who wishes to become a biological scientist like my father. Yes, my dad is my hero and I will go beyond the ocean to fulfil my dad's dream as well as mine. He taught me how to find my identity and stand by myself and here I have become a person like how
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Chapter 2
 "Guys!! Will you please shut up? You are giving me a heavy headache." I complained the moment we stepped out of the airport.  Early in the morning we landed in Chennai and had only a cup of coffee for our breakfast. We have been waiting for two more hours to get our luggage back and the sun rose already above our head at six in the morning to savour all our remaining energies.  They are waffling and complaining about the heat like I'm the reason for this. "Reil, could you please make it fast, I can't wait even a bit." Natasha Valarie complained looking at her wristwatch.  "Wait a minute, it will arrive anytime s
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Chapter 3
 "Is that true? The monster is real and killed people who were living in this place?" Emiem, my best friend who has the same willpower like me asked taking me in complete utter shock.  Does she fell into their trap? Back then no one was ready to accept my proposal when I came with the idea of investigating the 'Heil' named monster to prove to them how wrong they are, but Emiem stood my side and sought the support from my colleagues and even helped me to form a small team. "No, someone is playing a trick on us. Can't you see? It happened just when we reached this city. Why it can’t be before or not a week af
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Chapter 4
 The nerve of him... I ran after him like an ostrich and yanked his shoulder, the effect made him meet my furious brown eyes which filled more rage than him but the yellow mints around his pupils shown more authority than mine which made me retreat my hand instantly as how fast my hand got his shoulder. "Listen, Mr. Walking Stick!" I took a few steps back just to maintain a safe distance from him. What if he loses his temper and bites me? Oh, God! I don't have any lotion for human bites, rather no science has invented any kind of medicines for that. "I was more way polite to you in the morning even you behaved li
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Chapter 5
 I packed all my things ready to leave from this wrecked building before the sunset. You know the rumour, right? The monster will show up after 6 and eat people whoever crosses its path. Sighing heavily, I locked my cabin and walked down the stairs to call Emiem who would be expected to flirting with that Rakesh.  What's she find in him? I didn't get the point. He is just a normal handsome man who has extra cocky attitude.  Bang!!!  Huh? Where is the sound coming from? I rushed to the ground floor where al
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Chapter 6
  One dad gave some plenty of dollars to his ten years old daughter and said, "Buy the most beautiful gift you want on your 18th birthday, use this money only for yourself." He said the last sentence solely looking at his daughter because his daughter has a habit of spending money on poor people which her dad taught her at a young age.  She never considers her needs other than eating. She was so young to involve herself in social activities but she proved everyone as age has no limit. She shook her head as a sign of yes and brought her both hands to her chest as promising, "I will use this money for myself." Her dad felt very proud of her, he thought he raised his daughter very well.
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Chapter 7
 "Reil, where the heck have you been? Do you have any idea of how we have been worried about you?" Emiem asked placing her hands on either side of her hips the moment I stepped inside the cottage in early morning 7:00 am, uhh maybe late morning. I'm not in the mood to talk or listen to her blabbering so I made my way towards my room ignoring her calling my name and slammed the door in front of her face.  "What happened to you?" I heard her say on the other end of the door but I made my heart as stone as hard and decided to take a warm bath, maybe it could heal my wound that I'm feeling both internally and externally.  
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Chapter 8
 He is the last person I would beg for help!!! "Aww!! I'm more willing to work with you." Emiem who was once upon a time known as my best friend clutched both her hand and looked at him dreamily.  I'm ready to attack her with my laptop but her brows furrowed together and the happiness in her face faded like it never flashed in her face before.  I followed her gaze and found the grinning Rakesh who is shaking his head playfully. What's his playful mood today? "Sorry, babe. It's not me." He then stepped besi
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Chapter 9
 I stormed inside the cabin to meet a person who has the capacity to give the answer to my first question despite the fact that he doesn't know a bit detail of the book or Heil. "Rakesh!!" I slammed the book on his table which created an unpleasant sound that made him jerk away a little, but when his eyes met mine he relaxed visibly and leaned on the chair. He placed his clasped hand on the table just below where I slammed the book. "Yes, beautiful." Sure he has the nerve to flirt with me where I'm burning inside like a volcano. "Where did you find the book?" I asked pointing the book on his table.
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Chapter 10
 "Huh! What an amazing view." I admired the back of those shirtless broad shoulders which was standing a few feet away from me facing the window for that I couldn't able to see his pretty face.  Man!! He is blessed with well-built body beside his skin is pale as mine. Wait.. did I say pale? The only person I know who has pale skin is Mr. Walking stick and what the hell is he doing in my dream?  I sat abruptly on the floor and blinked my eyes several times to get rid of the image which is standing a mere meter away from me but being stubborn like him, it didn't fade out of my sight that made me huff internally. Co
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