Ginger And Rage

Ginger And Rage

By:  Mitch  Ongoing
Language: English
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❝I was given specific instructions to have you talk about your sister's murder and gauge your anger. If you do not do this, you will fail and you'll have to go back to the asylum and spend another six years,❞ She explained. 'Is that what you want?'❝You don't give a fuck about what I want, your getting a paycheck anyway.❞ I said, rolling my eyes. I knew what she wanted me to say, it was what they all wanted me to say. Indirectly at least.That I was a loose canon ready to explode. A sadistic, psychotic bitch with no feelings of remorse. A cold-blooded killer...Mrs Jones frowned, adjusting her glasses. ❝You're right, I'm getting paid for this. I have no problem failing you immediately because you're a murderer, a mons...???? ??????? ???? ? ???? ????????? ??????? ?????? ?????? ???????? ???? ?? ?????????? ?? ???? ???? ??? ?????? ????? ???????? ?? ? ??????? ??? ?????? ?????? ?????????? ??? ??????? ??????????, ?????, ??? ????? ?? ?? ?????? ??? ???. ???? ???, ?? ? ???? ????? ?? ????, ???? ??? ??? ? ?????? ??????????? ?? ???? ??? ?????? ???? ???????Warning: contains extreme violence, vulger, and gore.May cause triggers to some readers.

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This is a recommended must read for anyone who loves entertaining book...beautifully written blurb, thumbs up girl
2020-12-15 22:47:27
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I normally don't read books like this but I decided to give it a chance and I assure you it doesn't disappoint. it was amazing.
2020-12-15 21:10:21
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Grace Rivers
I love the narrative style of this book. It's amazing! 🤩
2020-12-15 18:47:16
17 Chapters
HARRIET-MANNERS POV"Fuck." I muttered as I slammed the tip of my already pink pointy finger inside my locker. That was excruciatingly painfy. Fucking stupid old lockers. Who on earth created these lockers anyway? I slung my side bag over my head, adjusted my light green uniform shirt and got in the midst of ugly headed students that had no regard for common sense when it came to walking in the hallways. I got out of Manchester Central high school and breathed shortly in relief. I made it out without any injuries.Walking on the streets of Manchester, I avoided the looks of fear from people I passed by. They saw me as a murderer and a psychopath, honestly I'm just 16 .Finally, I got to the lonely street of my home which wasn't so lonely as I saw some boys playing basket ball at the public court.My pace came to a halt when a ball hit my butt and I
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CALLUM WOODS POVGrabbing my guitar and music journal, I left my usual spot and headed home. My thoughts kept going back to last night when I heard Mama crying. I had never seen her cry before and that made me scared. If anything, I was scared of what was going to happen if I knew what made her cry.Here I was, in front of my small home, fidgeting with my fingers, and thinking if I was to open the door or not. Papa's car was parked in front of the house so that meant he was at home. The fear in me kept rising when I heard her scream in pain."Please aaahhh!" I barged in quickly to see him with a bottle of scotch in his left hand and the other pinning my Mama against the wall, strangling her. A repitition of almost everyday but I still won't let him succeed. Even if it meant getting a scar from him."Who's gonna get
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Keep your head up high,and your middle finger higher"Keep it moving Miss Nicholai," the female cop pushed me forward out of my cell, to the waiting room where I saw mom in her CBI uniform glaring daggers at my head. If looks could kill, I'm pretty sure I'll be six feet below the ground."Thank you officer Willis," mom sighed and I rolled my eyes."What the fuck is there to thank about? she's been mean to me for the last six hours." I exasperated and they both glared at me."Don't you dare utter a word Harriet. I'm one second away from snapping at you," mom scolded and I frowned at her."You don't have the righ
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If  you don't like me and you still watch everything I do, Bitch! Your a fanDressed up in a black hoodie, black ripped jeans, and my favorite black leather heel boots, I was ready to face the new therapist mom had appointed me with. She was the second therapist I was visiting since my release from the asylum two years ago. The first therapist died by an accident. Not like I did anything though. Okay fine I accidentally on purposely spoiled her brakes(she dared me too). I slung my side bag over my shoulders, ran my fingers through my short hair and left my room with Storm hot on my trail.I got down to the kitchen to see my brothers eating breakfast and Mrs Jenna fixing a plate of pancakes for me. I sat down and she placed it on my table
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*the question isn't who's going to let me, it's who's going to stop me*"Y-you're a monster," she whispered and I nodded, standing up."A monster." I repeated, walking over to her seat. "You think you know so much about me don't you?" I asked, picking up a pen. It had a sharp point at the end and I held it up to the light, analyzing it. This could do some damage. I smiled at the thought but quickly frowned, remembering where I was. I could get tasered or sent to an emergency asylum. "You read my file and thought, "oh! Manners is a monster!" I said in a high pitched voice."You're a murderer," she blurted out and I turned her chair around and stood right in between her legs, leaning my head to one side."So I killed a few people." I shrugged. "Boohoo." I said and she narrowed her eyes, following my movements when I started
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"Here's your phone," Mom said and I snatched my iPhone from her and tucked it in my winter jacket pocket."C'mon Mom, the plane leaves in an hour." I reminded her and she drove out of the garage. This was it. I was going to live with the man I hadn't seen in 8 years. How was I supposed to behave in front of him?"You got your transfer letter and your dad's address right?" Mom asked and I rolled my eyes and nodded."Look Harriet, California isn't like Manchester. You make one move and you're gonna spend the rest of your life in juvenile. Clear?" Mom asked and I nodded. Clear my ass.She parked her car in front of the airport and I got down and brought out my luggages from the car trunk and backed my backpack, watching my brothers get down from the car with sad faces. How I wish I could bring them along with me. I was wo
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8 YEARS AGO"I like Patrick better because he's a starfish." Garriet said and I rolled my eyes."But sponge Bob is smart and Patrick is dumb." I frowned getting angry as I swung my sailor moon lunch box and held her hand. Daddy said I should always protect Garriet because she has a weak heart."Rage don't insult Patrick he's my friend," she warned."Ok I won't anymore." I told her and we got into the lonely bridge road."Rage look there's a man on the floor." Garriet said and ran towards the man on the floor."Oh my!" she gasped as I got over to her. "He's hurt," she said pointing at his bloody shirt."Let's get out of here Garry I don't think it's safe." I told her grabbing her hand but she snatched it back.
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At first I cared but then I was like Nah, fuck youI yawned when I felt Storm on me and I got up, still tired. Damn those sleeping pills.I was a sweating mess right now. Even after two nights, I wasn't used to sleeping without heater on. I got down from my bed and got to my mini bathroom and picked my brush and stared at the mirror.My brown eyes had no emotion and my hair was short and wild, the usual. I had red bags under my eyes and I sighed. Even with the sleeping pills, I still look sleep deprived.I stripped off my clothes and threw them in hamper before taking a shower.I dressed up in a simple ripped jean shorts and oversized gray shirt and a ripped denim jacket. My hair was in a messy short ponytail and I wore my leather bracelet with my knife in it. Fuck mom and her stupid ru
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I know you want the satisfaction, that's not gonna happenFinally, I wore my leather bracelet, with my knife and nodded at my reflection. I looked bad ass. I was wearing a ripped jean shorts and an oversized long sleeved sweatshirt. I wore my fleece short sleeved jacket and paired it with a high top leather boot. My hair were in two unkempt double dutch braids. I fixed Storm's leach and took my backpack."What the bloody hell have you done to your room?" I heard dad screech and I groaned and looked around the room walls. I took my time to write a few things or so many words and reminders with a black permanent marker on the walls. If anyone saw it, they would think I'm insane but to me, it looked cool."I warned you about stepping into my room without permission dad." I complained and he looked at me wi
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I have traveled through madness to find meLunch came and I practically ran out of English class. Not that I hated the subject, but the teacher herself was too creepy. I found myself swarmed in the midst of students and I followed them to the cafeteria. Thankfully I was the first on the queue so I took my time to choose my food. I picked 2 slices of pizza and a diet coke.I turned around and searched for Ginger but couldn't find him. I shrugged and made my way to the last isolated seat of three chairs. I threw a slice down for Storm and began to eat my food.A shadow loomed over me and I looked up to see the girl that was with the bully, Todd. I gripped the plastic plate tightly, trying to control myself from scathing her pretty face off."Hey." She sat down on the third seat opposite mine and I s
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