Chapter 5: The Guest

Taylor's POV


Suddenly, someone knocks on the door and Rose walks towards the door while shouting, "I am going to open the door."

But Jayden stops her and says, "Mom, just stay here. I'll check who it is."

Jayden has a weird expression on his face as if he already knew who it was. So, all of us decide to silently follow him and who we saw isn't even the last person we expected to be standing there...

We see a familiar face, and everyone, except Rose, says in unison, "Krystal?"

She smiles awkwardly and waves. "Hey everyone?"

I can feel the awkwardness rising as we didn't expect her to see her here.

Jayden urges her in and says, "Come in. Let me introduce you to my mom."

He closes the door behind her once she is inside and turns to his mom. "Mom, this is Krystal. Krystal, this is my mom."

Both of them exchange smiles and Rose pulls her in for a hug.

Rose says teasingly, "So, you are the one Jayden has been talking about?"

Krystal blushes and says, "Yes Madam."

Rose laughs and says, "You can call me Rose, like how his friends call me. It makes me feel old when you call me Madam."

Krystal giggles. "Okay, Rose."

Kayden raises his eyebrow and asks, "What is going on here? What does mom mean by that?"

Jayden says, "Let's sit down. I'll explain."

Everyone sits down on the couch and Kayden asks again. "Explain! What the hell is going on here?"

Rose scolds him. "Mind your manners! We have a guest here."

He shrugs his shoulder in protest but apologises. "Sorry, mom."

All of us look at Jayden, for an explanation. "Erm... So basically, Krystal and I have been hanging out for a while now and we decided to finally make it official."

I was the first one to react and say, "Aww... you two are going to be the cutest couple in our class. I love the two of you together."

Krystal blushes and says, "Thank you."

Kayden interrupts, teasing his brother. "So brother, how long has it been going?"

He smiles and says, "Approximately for about 2 months, I guess?"

Charlotte raises her eyebrow. "Wow, I hope you both last long."

Krystal nods appreciatively.

Kayden continues. "No wonder you have been acting weird for the past few months. Whenever I ask you to come with me to meet some girls, you always gave me excuses that you were busy."

Everyone laughs at Kayden the moment he said that. 

Jayden deserved this as his last relationship left him heartbroken. They had been dating for about two years when he found out that she had been cheating on him with a soccer player.

He was so heartbroken; he didn't have any girlfriend after her. His ex wasn't a nice person at all; I once caught her having sex with someone in the janitor's closet.

"So how did you two ends up together?" Zach questions, looking between them. \

They both look at each other and Krystal speaks up first. "I had been crushing on Jayden for a year but didn't have the guts to say anything, so I decided to just be friends with him knowing what happened to him during his last relationship. We realised that both of us shared common interests and he started to have feelings for me and that's when I confessed my feelings to him and here, we are now."

Jayden grabs Krystal's hand and kisses it, making all the girls swoon.

I say, "I hope I find someone like you. But I think I will have to wait for a very long time."

Kayden laugh and say, "Do you want me to help you find someone? I can surely find a guy for you that you can fall in love with."

I give him that look. "No thanks. What if you find someone who isn't my type at all?"

All of us spent the next hour talking to each other and it felt like Krystal was like one of us, since all of us got along with her quite well.

Krystal is our classmate, and she is one of the sweetest and kindest girls in our class unlike some of my previous school friends, who were mean.

By the time we decide to finally go home, it is already 10 pm. Zach offered me a ride home as my house was considerably farther away than theirs.

During our ride home, Zach is super quiet which was kind of weird even for him.

I tap his shoulder and ask, "Are you okay? You are really quiet today dude."

He says, "Yeah, I am."

I say, "You sure? It is so unlike you."

He says, "Yeah just that I am really tired today."

I say, "You want to spend the night in my house? Tomorrow is Saturday and it will be quite late by the time you reach home."

He thought for a while and say, "Sure I guess."

Twenty minutes later, Zach parks his car in my house garage and both of us exit the car. I take out my key to open the house door. My house was so dark, and I switch on the lights that were nearest to me.

Zach takes off his shoes and asks, "Where is your family?"

"My parents went overseas since they want to have their own fun, my oldest sister is at a school camp and my second sister is at a sleepover at her friend's house. So, I am basically staying at home by myself."

Zach says, "Wow that must be good since you have the whole house to yourself."

I laugh and say "Yeah but it is quite lonely without having them at home. It is also quite scary at night because no one is at home with me."

I went to the kitchen and he follows me and I ask, "Do you want some water?"

Zach says, "No thanks."

I say, "Okay then."

Zach says, "So where do I sleep?"

I think for a minute and say, "Do you want to watch a movie in my room before going to bed?"

Zach shrugs. "Why not?"

Both of us walk into my room and I turn to him. "Which movie do you want to watch?"

He says, "Up to you. I am fine with anything you choose."

I smile and say, "Let's watch The Avengers."

We watch the movie in complete silence and once it's over, both of stretch.

Zach says, "This is the best movie ever. Let's watch the endgame together when it is released."

I smile. "Sure, I loved the movie." I yawn and say, "Do you want to sleep here?"

Zach looks a little uncomfortable and says, "Erm... I think I will pass. I will just sleep in the guest room."

I say, "I get scared easily at night. Can you please sleep here and give me company?"

Zach gives me a look and says, "No. I do not want to see your ugly face when I wake up."

I stuck my tongue out at him and say, "Hey, watch what you are saying! I am not ugly; I am pretty or else why would so many guys from your team ask me to go out on a date with them!"

Zach holds his hand up in defeat and says, "Okay fine you are pretty, but my answer is still no."

I give him my most adorable puppy dog face and say, "Pretty please, Zach."

I dance around my room in joy and say, "Okay let's sleep now."

Both of us lie down and I switch off the light. "Goodnight Zach, sweet dreams."

He says, "Goodnight to you too."

I'm so tired that I doze off almost immediately; the last thing I feel is Zach pulling me closer to him.

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