Chapter 2: Finally

Chapter 2: Finally


It’s him. He’s my mate. I would recognize him anywhere. I’ve been dreaming about him for five years. He has dark auburn hair, waves around his neck and forehead, and his golden eyes glow like amber. He’s gorgeous. He’s at least three inches over six feet. From what I can see, his body is strong, tanned, and muscled. His eyes appraised my body with curiosity and a spark of desire. Swallowing hard, I stand there stunned until my mother makes the introductions. My surprise turns into shock at the sound of his name.

       My mother waves her hand and gestures for me to take a seat. “Cassia, why don’t you have a seat and hear what Mathias has to say.” I move forward with a surprised sigh when the man pulls a chair out for me. “Thank you,” I whisper silently.

The man…Mathias, nods his head before he turns back toward my mother. “As I was saying, Ms. S…Alandra, the council has charged your former mate, Lukan Garron, of murder, kidnapping, and conspiracy to murder several people. Evidence has been brought forth to the council showing that Lukan Garron has been accused of murdering his sister, Galena Garron, and her husband, Samael Kendrick.”

 “Oh my god!” My mouth gapes open with shock. My mother is just as shocked. “You…you said there is proof that he killed people?” Her voice quivers.

He nods his head in pity. “Yes, apparently, he kept several videos inside personal files that were recovered by the council.” I try to compose myself and look around the room nervously. “Where is he now?”

       Mathias apologetically looks at me before taking a deep breath and pushing a file on the table toward my mother. “Lukan was slain several nights ago after he kidnapped a young woman. Thankfully, her mate found her and called forth the Macto Benficium duellum Sanguis. Lukan agreed and perished.”

My mother nods her head, unsurprised. I guess I can understand; Lukan was never an affectionate husband or father. He rarely came around, and when he did, he treated us like rubbish. I don’t remember the last time I called him father. Whenever he’d visit, I called him Lukan. Even now, I can’t think of him in any other way.

Mathias’s next words snap me out of my thoughts. “The reason that I am here is that we have been unsuccessful in recovering his body. Unfortunately, all of his properties were empty.”

I look back toward Mathias in question. “I thought you said he was killed. How do you know he’s dead?”  Mathias looks at me. I can’t help but stare at his luscious lips and feel my body heat with desire. As if he can sense my need, he licks his lips and huskily replies. “I know because I was there when the girl’s mate made it back alive. You know the rules. Only one survives.”

I nod my head in understanding. “So why come here? We haven’t seen him in years. I highly doubt Lukan would show up here of all places.”

My mother stands up quickly, giving me a stern look, then gazes back toward Mathias. “Mathias, I understand that you are trying to find Lukan. However, I can assure you that he’s not here. We wouldn’t have the slightest clue as to where to find him. Lukan was never very close to us. To be honest, I think he preferred that we didn’t associate with him at all.”

Nodding his head, Mathias stands up. He looks at my mother then at me before taking out two cards from his pocket and extending it to us. “Please call me if you remember anything. As of now, he’s wanted by the council, and until we have proof that he’s actually dead, I suggest keeping an eye out for yourselves.”

Heart beating wildly, I take his card and look down at the plain bold letters.

Without another word, my mother moves forward and leads Mathias toward the office door. Before he steps out the door, he gives me one last backward look. His eyes dilate when he notices me rubbing the card subconsciously against my lips. My lips tingle as I watch him walk out the door.

After a few minutes, my mother walks back in. “So Lukan is dead. I should have known that he’d come to a bad end.” I look at my mother, surprised by the venom in her voice. I mean, my mom was never a huge fan of my dad, but I’ve never heard her speak so viciously of him.

“What do you know, mom?” My mom sits back on her chair, poised. “Cassia, there are some things you don’t know about your father. He was not a very kind man when we were together. I’m just glad I was able to get us out from beneath his thumb. Don’t ask, okay. Let’s just let this rest.” I want to push, but I let it go.

“Okay, mom. Well, I better get back to school.” My mother moves forward in surprise. “Do you really need to go, Cassia?”

I nod my head, tired. “Yeah, mom. I have a midterm tomorrow, and I need to study. You know what…maybe I should stay. I don’t trust the fact that the Council thinks Lukan is dead….” My mother waves her hand in dismissal. “Nonsense. Lukan has no reason to come here. Either way, I’m planning on calling Thompson to provide protection for me. Go…go to school. You’re so close to graduation.”

I think of Thompson. He is my mother’s boyfriend. The man is as big as a house and worships the ground my mom walks on.

“Okay, but you have to call him now.” She rolls her eyes, reaches for her phone, and waves it to me, showing me that she’s going to call now. I observe quietly as she dials the number and waits for Thompson to agree.

Breathing a sigh of relief, I move toward the door. “Good then. I’m leaving now.” Smiling grimly, my mom walks forward and places a kiss on my cheek. “Go, Cassia, and be careful. If you see Lukan run the other way and call the council.” I nod my head, recalling Mathias’ face. “I’ll be fine, mom. The sorority is pretty big, and girls are coming in and out all of the time. Trust me, he would be pretty stupid to show up there.”

As I walk back toward the campus, I keep a vigilant eye on the grounds. A couple of girls from my Phi Beta Kappa house wave as I make my way into the door.

It’s only when I get to my room that I feel the tension drain from my shoulders. Exhaling deeply, I throw my bag on the floor, jump on the bed, and lay an arm over my head. When I close my eyes, the first thing I see is my angel; Mathias. Over the years, my body ached for him. I dreamt of us making love and would sometimes wake up sweating and frustrated. For so long, I was scared that I hadn’t met him yet.

After a moment, I roll onto my stomach, reach for my bag, retrieve his card, and run my fingers through it. I want to call him. I want to hear his beautiful voice again. At the thought, my body becomes heavy with arousal. Damn him!

On the one hand, I’m happy to finally know who he is, and on the other, I can’t help but feel angry that he didn’t acknowledge me. Why didn’t he say something? Releasing a sigh of regret, I close my eyes and consider my next step.

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