Chapter 64- No Longer Broken

Chapter Sixty-Four

Oliver POV

(present time)

I am sitting here watching the mating ceremony of Chris and Sophie trying to keep my eyes on anyone but her as she leads the ceremony. I can hear the subtle sadness in her voice and it pierces my heart. I want to run up there and hug her but I don’t deserve it. I know she would only push me away with disgust. I can’t control it when I look up at her as she talks about the sacredness of mates and the future of the pack. I don’t miss it as she subconsciously presses a hand to her now flat empty wound. My eyes drift to where her hand lays before I divert them again. I have been avoiding her both out of respect and fear. I don’t want to bring her anymore pain and fear of what words she may say to me. Many times I have wished I could go back in

Jessica Jones

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Comments (9)
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June Chase
Oliver didn't go through a quarter of the pain, he costed her. I honestly hated the guy till the end , should have ended up lonely forever
goodnovel comment avatar
Sal Martinez
What an amazing book! My favorite by far.
goodnovel comment avatar
Sally Radford
This is one of the best books I have ever read .

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