Chapter 9


I could feel Lucas’s eyes on me but I kept mine on my hands, on the outside am calm and collected but on the inside, I am falling apart. One mistake from Lucas and I am done for. I can’t even imagine the punishment Austin is going to give me should Lucas say something stupid. “Are you going to answer me beta Lucas?” Austin probes some more.

Lucas averts his eyes from me then looks at Austin and smiles. “Well, what I was going to say is, long time no see old friend, it’s been what, six years?” I found myself releasing a breath I was holding; he may just have saved me this time but I want these two days to be over so that we can go back. “We are not friends beta Lucas and we never will be,” Austin says and Lucas nods.

“I thought that we had moved on from things of the past, we are old now, we can’t keep grudges from when we were in school,” Lucas says and he has a smirk on his face. I want to strangle him just to shut him up, why can’t he just mind his own business? This fool is going to get me into trouble if he keeps talking!

“Beta Lucas, I would like to enjoy my dinner if you don’t mind,” Austin says with his jaw clenched; I see him from the corner of my eye as I am not allowed to look at him especially in the presence of others. “Very well then,” Lucas says and looks at me once again but I keep my eyes on my hands.

After that Lucas did not say anything more and I was grateful. “So, alpha Austin, I see you still have your beautiful slave by your side. Tell me how do you get her to be so obedient? I tried to train one of my own but it’s proving to be difficult, I cant seem to get her to be this obedient.” Crescent moon alpha comments and I wish that I could kill him right now, would it kill him to just shut up for once?

“Well, alpha, I don’t know what to tell you, but I think the punishments I give her do the trick.” Lucas glares at Austin and I cross my fingers hoping that he doesn't say anything. “What punishments are those?” there goes annoying Lucas asking questions, right now I strongly believe that this guy is trying to get me killed. Austin paused his actions but resumed as if he did not hear him. “I asked you a question?” Lucas said and I cringed.

“None of your business beta Lucas but if you must know well, the punishment depends on what I feel like on the day and the offense she has committed. It could be a dose of silver, a whipping, or not giving her food for days, you know the usual.” Austin answers him then shrugs as if he is talking about the weather.

Lucas bangs the table with his hands and earns himself attention from the other people at the table. He stands up slowly his eyes fixed on Austin. “Not giving her food for days, giving her a dose of silver and whipping. Who do you think this is, your child?” Oh, Goddess! He has done it this time, am dead, Lucas just killed me now.

“No, she is not my child, or I wouldn’t be doing all those things to her but she is my slave. Do you have a problem with that beta?” Austin asked, acting cool like he is not affected by this but I know him better to think that way, he is pissed right now, in fact, pissed is putting it lightly because he is mad as hell and I am going to get it.

“You do realize the damage you could do to her internal organs by administering the silver in her bloodstream? Not to mention that she is a human, not a werewolf!” Lucas raised his voice and I couldn’t help but jump a little. “Why do you care so much about what I do to my slave beta Lucas?” asked Austin still maintaining his composure but with his eyebrow raised.

“I care because no one deserves what you are doing to this poor girl.” He tells him but his voice now is lower than when he first started talking. “Well, what are you going to do about it?” asked Austin and I crossed my fingers saying a prayer that I don’t even remember what it said.

All I remember is that I keep saying dear Goddess and at other times I would say dear God but I don’t know what I say to either one of them after that. I am scared, Goddess knows am scared. “Nothing, just pointing out how wrong it is,” Lucas says and Austin nods. “I thought as much,” Austin says then looks at the Crescent Moon alpha.

“Is the information helpful alpha?” asks Austin to the filthy alpha and he smirks. “It does because the only punishment I give mine is sex, now that I know it doesn’t work I will use some of your punishments and see if there will be change.” Answers the alpha and Austin nods. “Very well then, I would like to retire to my chamber now and I will see you all in the morning,” Austin says and he stands up then walks away.

I do the same and follow him up the stairs trying to keep up with him. He is tall and I am short. The long strides he is taking make me half jog to keep up with him. When we get to the room he goes straight to the balcony and lights a cigarette then smokes. He hardly ever smokes, only when he is frustrated and now, he is very frustrated.

He comes in and I am still standing by the door with my head hanging low playing with my fingers. “Are you still going to lie and tell me that there is nothing going on between you and Lucas?” my hands tremble, his voice is low, dangerously low and it sends cold shivers down my spine.

“I am telling you the truth alpha, there is nothing going on between me and beta Lucas. Today was my first time seeing him.” I tell him, I know that I said that I won't answer him again when he asks this but Lucas went and made things worse by trying to stand up for me. He is new to this thing because everyone here knows about slaves including his alpha.

In fact, his alpha was the first one to ask Austin if he can have me for one night. It’s either he doesn’t know or his just playing dumb. Either way, he has put me into so much trouble. “So, you are sticking to that story huh, what has he promised you?” what on earth can he promise me? “Nothing alpha,” I answered and I can feel his eyes boring holes on me.

“Very well then, go and help out like you usually do.” He tells me and a sigh in relief. But I know that this is not over, not by a long shot. “What the hell are you still waiting for!” I jumped at the sound of his voice and turn then hit the door and fall on my ass. Shit! I can be clumsy sometimes, but he scared me.

“Bloody hell!” he takes long strides towards me and I quickly stand up. He opens the door then roughly pushes me out and I hit my arm on the wall. Damn that’s going to leave a bruise, sigh, just when the ones I had were starting to fade now I have to deal with another one. I walk back to the dining area and find omega’s already started with the clearing of the table and I get onto it.

We wash the dishes in silence then we eat what was left at the table, I know he said no food but he is not here and I am starving. I last ate in the morning and if I don’t eat now I will faint then get into more trouble. When we finish I head back upstart but meet Lucas on the way up, I lower my head and try to move past him but he blocks my way.

“Please move, I don’t want to get into any more trouble,” I begged him. “Did he do something to you?” he asks and I shook my head. “Now I understand why you said that you are no longer a dynamite. How long has this been happening?” he asks and I look at him. Why in the Goddess’s name is he playing dumb? Does he think being a slave means that am stupid? “Why don’t you ask your alpha that, if you don’t already know,” I say then push past him and head to the room.

When I get inside, I find Austin already in bed, his not sleeping but looking at the ceiling. Am glad he is already in bed, I am tired and I need a shower. “I am going to shower now if you don’t need anything alpha,” I tell him, I can't just go into the shower without telling him, in case he needs something.

“mm” that is all the answer he gives me and it only tells me what I already know, that he is still angry. I head to the shower, I sigh and close my eyes when the warm water hits my body soothing some of the knots I have. There is no point though because I am going to sleep on the floor and wake up with more knots.

I sigh and switch off the water then step out and dry myself. When am done I wear my pj’s and go out. I went to the closet to look for more blankets to fix my place to sleep and when I came out he said something that made me freeze. “You are sleeping with me while we are here.” I stood in one place not knowing what to do.

Does he want to sleep with me now, like have sex? Oh, Goddess what am I going to do if he does? I can’t exactly refuse him because he is my master and I am supposed to please him in every way but my virginity is all I have right now. “Didn’t you hear me?’ he questions and I snapped out of it. “Yes, alpha,” I answered then put the blanket on the couch then walked slowly to the bed.

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