Chapter 17

My heart raced trying to make sense of everything, I tried to get out of the bed while many hands tried to hold me down. "Why am I here?!" I began to Yell.

"Ms. Milano please calm down!" I heard a man in a white coat say towards me

"Who is Ms. Milano! Why am I here?! what is going on?" I continued to shout 

Nothing was making sense to me, I looked around to everyone around me, my chest felt tight I couldn't breathe, I felt myself falling down an empty pit, I didn't know who anyone was.

The man in the white coat looked over to the other ladies that were in the room, they all looked at me with concern in their eyes, which only fueled my fear, how come I couldn't remember anything or who I was. I tried to get out of the bed again, I needed to leave this place.

Suddenly I felt my body relaxing, I couldn't figure out why my body felt so heavy, the last thing I remembered before closing my eyes was the man in the white coat was injecting something i

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