Day 13 A sudden Death

She now faces the commander’s and the Sergeant in the commander's office there are pictures displayed to her to identify one by one and it’s a big surprise to her that those all pictures are their friends. She was sure of herself that they are their friends.

"Yes, I am sure they are my friends".. Do you have any news you get from them? Are they okay? Why are they with the gunmen? What happened to them? She continually asks the Commander and the Sergeant.

"Okay, Ms. Chyrill Please calm yourself". The commander said to her.

"We had collected data from your friend and we had an update to them".

"Update? What update? Pwede ba sabihin nyo sa akin kung ano ang nangyari sa kanila ang dami nyo pang pasakalye eh" she speaks in her language and she just suddenly stands in her seat and slammed the table.

"I know what you feel now Ms. Chyrill but we need you to be calm down". The commander calmly told her.

"We are sorry to tell you now Ms. Chyrill that your friends are dead, my soldiers found their bodies in a river with a gunshot in their forehead, all of them has been captivated by the Sans Serif terrorists people who are responsible for the death of your friends".

"No... This can't be I just have seen them a day ago.... and now you're saying that they are dead?"

The commander just sighed and continuously saying about what had happened to her friends.

Her world had collapsed when she heard the horrible news she was suddenly dumb she wanted to shout out loud but no more voice coming out she then suddenly walks away from the commander's office seems nothing to herself. She wanted to cry, but no tears fell from her eyes.

She walks along the hallway of the camp, she sees nothing, it seems that all is dark and shadows coming from her she went to her room and locked it up. She sat down on her bed at that moment, tears fall from her eyes; she cried quietly it was as if something was piercing her heart because of the pain in her chest.

The sobbing cry suddenly intensified as like she wanted to get lost, Sergeant Herrera was standing at the door of her room, he heard how she cried out loud and he feels how hurts, it was, he wanted to knock on the door but he chooses to let her alone for this time.

The commander and the Arland Soldiers are too busy in preparing for the mission to assault the Sans Serif terrorist they had collected the data and along with the people who are still in their custody.

Sergeant Herrera and the two of his men are in the control room to monitor all the area and the possible threat of the terrorist, he thinks about Chyrill if she feels better at this moment. He ordered his men to give her foods, but they say that she was refusing to eat. He was totally worried about her.

Just a few moments the door of the control room opened and they were surprised that Chyrill came in with almost puffy eyes.

"Can you take me to the place where my friends are?" she asked it suddenly.

Sergeant Herrera just sighed and did not know how to explain it to her, he offered a seat to Chyrill to calm her down, but she just shook her head and started to cry again.

"I want you to take me to my friends"... I want to see them..

"No."Sergeant Herrera said.

" Why not? "I wanted to see them for the last time, now if you don't care about them then I do"..

"I understand what are you feeling right now, but it's for your safety and it’s too dangerous"

She can't stop crying, she knows it's feel ashamed to see her crying in front of them, but she cannot hide all the pain and on the other side she feels guilt that she was not able to do something for them.

"You should take a rest and eat your meal" Sergeant Herrera says with so much concern in his eyes.

She just looked at the Sergeant and grinned.

"Don't act that you are concerning to me"

"Of course I am and we are just thinking about your safety".

"Huh.. If you are, you will let me go to my friends... Please... her eyes pleading and she cried constantly.

But the Sergeant just shook his head and turn back at the monitor of the control room, he can't take long to see Chyrill crying and pleading him.

Chyrill goes out of the control room with a heavy heart, she has nothing to do anything, no matter how she tried she walks back in her room no one is concerned in her mourning, how do they care she's nothing to the she just a stranger in their eyes a threat maybe and causes problems to the Arland Soldiers. Sergeant Herrera just looked at her, walks away, he wanted to do a favor, but he has nothing to do something about it.

It was already midnight Sergeant Herrera decided to visit her in her room, he knocks at the door many times but Chyrill don't open the room. He enters the room, but there is no mark of Chyrill he looks at the bathroom but she was not there, he alert instantly the soldiers who are at the front gate of the camp to look an eye for Chyrill.

He is alarmed the emergency button to warn and look for Chyrill all around the camp and he is sure it has not gone yet, the Arland Soldiers is getting ready to search all the area of the camp but there is nothing they found no mark of Chyrill in the camp.

"Look around, she's it gone too far yet" Sergeant Herrera ordered their men.

But there is no Chyrill inside the Arland Camp so that the Sergeant Herrera decided to go outside of the camp with his three men they made their way to North Simpkins Place he knew Chyrill was going there and there was nowhere else to go, but at the middle of the road they saw a woman sitting on the rocky side of the road alone, they light it up to recognize it and it was Chyrill. She was a little dazzled so she somewhat covered her eyes with her palms.

They are quickly coming with her to bring her back at the camp, but she refuses to come with them and she walks way to the North Simpkins Place Sergeant Herrera fellow soldier would have followed her, but he stopped it and said, let her alone, he ordered his men to back the camp and he will be the one to follow Chyrill without knowing her.

Chyrill comes at the North Simpkins Place safely and she was not able to notice that she was followed by Sergeant Herrera, the North Simpkins is still lively at this time, although it was already midnight, others are still awake and she had noticed by them, they quickly approached Chyrill and let her in at their tent that serves as their home for this time.

Sergeant Herrera decided to back at the camp knowing that Chyrill is safe, maybe, tomorrow she will change her mind and she will be able to think that everything will be fine.

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