Chapter 48

Alpha's Stubborn Mate **Going to college** 

          Writer's P O V 

"So Travis this is Karen, our Luna and my best friend.

Karen this is Travis, my mate from blue moon pack," Lily introduced.

"Oh hi there, Luna Karen. I've heard so much about you," Travis said pushing forward his hand for a handshake.

Karen stared at his hand awkwardly without taking it.

"Oh, I'm sorry, I shouldn't be.."Travis stuttered a bit withdrawing his hand.

Lily looked at Karen, a bit confused at her reaction.

"Oh come here, I should be hugging you," Karen chuckled pulling Travis into a hug.

Lily exhaled out deeply, she was beginning to think south.

"How are you, Travis? I've also heard a lot about you. Well, recently," Karen said after pulling out of the hug.

Travis smiled a bit, looking relieved himself.&

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