Chapter 74: " I love you... "

Sobs and the love can be felt through their warmth and body interaction. Hugging each other with their little daughter's presence made Dem really happy as if she would cross heaven and earth.

" W-why did you come so l-late? " She murmured while still hugging her husband in her arms. The simple question made Fergus' heart jumped as if it will get out of his chest. 

He automatically stoke her hair with gentleness while trying not to cry. He truly misses her! For one year, he was in comma and when he woke up, he can't move even an inch so he stayed in bed for five months and waited for the right time to come back.

" I'm late because I want everything to be settled first. S-sorry for coming late honey. " He whispered right in her ears that send shiver down her spine. With this, the emptiness in her heart that was once lost made its way towards home.

She hold her grip on his neck and jailed her face on his chest. She can feel it. All the warmt
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