Alex and Alice

Liza was once again sitting beside Jonathan, she could see that Alex was talking up a storm while Alice was just nodding at whatever he was saying. Liza's eyebrows furrowed with concern. Was something wrong with Alice? She was not her usual self. The Alice she knew was chatty and had an opinion about everything but seeing from afar it looked like Alice was holding herself back. Liza turned to Jonathan who was busy with his phone. After Steve had left, things had been awkward between them, not that they had been friendly before but at least they had sat in comfortable silence but now the silence had become painfully suffocating. Liza had half expected Jonathan to at least rave about how she couldn't go on the date with Steve but instead, he had kept his mouth shut and had altogether ignored her. Frustrated by his ignorance, Liza punched Jonathan on his arm "Ow!! What was that for?" Jonathan shrieked, rubbing the now sore spot on his arm. "What do you think is going on between Alex an

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