Chapter 2604

However, the scene was a mess. No one was listening to Skyler at all.

Eliza felt like her arm was going to break from being pulled.

She gritted her teeth and unlocked the car. She pushed the door open and walked out.

“Eliza came out. Everyone, come over.”

Someone shouted.

A crowd squeezed over in waves.

There was a fanboy who took the opportunity to touch her body.

Eliza’s gaze went cold. She grabbed that person’s wrist and twisted it backward. That fanboy cried out in pain on the spot. “Eliza is hurting me. Help!”

“If anyone dares to touch me, you’ll suffer the same fate.”

Eliza grabbed that man’s hand and pressed it on the side of the car door. Then, she pushed the door hard and pressed against it. His hand was stuck between the opening of the car door. The man howled painfully from the pressure.

The scene was so gruesome that it immediately startled the surrounding people. A few fanboys who initially wanted to take advantage of Eliza did not dare to move anymore.

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