Chapter 2838

In the meeting room, it was pin-drop silence.

Charity remained seated quietly and elegantly.

Only after she swallowed the coffee did she hear Director Carlson say, “Chairman Jewell, we’re now voting for the position of the chairman. We’re talking business, so you shouldn’t make personal attacks. More importantly, you shouldn’t use Chester’s kindness of saving Ms. Robbins to morally kidnap her.”

“Jeremy Carlson, this b*tch is siding with you, so you'll definitely stand up for her. I shall see for myself what you guys can do. But let me remind you that since you plan on spending so much money on it, your family can get the hell out of the board of directors if you can’t perform.”

With that, Hunter slammed the door and left in a fury.

Given that Director Carlson was provoked in public, his expression was ghastly.

However, someone mediated the dispute right away.

Next was the election of the deputy chairperson position.

Director Carlson personally elected Charity as the deputy chai
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chester and eliza will be the endgame.
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people start reading because ongoing soap opera in end after 5000+ chapter
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Come on…one chapter a day is like reciting the alphabet. You don’t get into any kind of mood and emotion. Give us the last bunch and basta!

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