Psyche Flint looked outside the window as she still on his seat. Suddenly, her eyes narrowed as she saw the bloody sun and clouds on the sky. It is the unusual color and she felt her spine chilled but her face showed her calm demeanor. She flinched as she saw everyone inside the classroom fainted except her.

She stood up with a backpack and walked out of the classroom while her eyes looked around. Then, she realized that no one is awake but her. She slowly walked on the corridor that leads to the teacher's faculty.

She opened the faculty room and saw all of the teachers are in unconscious state. She sighed and confused of what is happening right now.

She stood on the entrance of school building and her eyes squinted as she looked up at the sky. The wind breezed carried coldness as the leaves slowly withered and fell on the ground but she doesn't see it happened. If she does, she will be frightened to death.

She tightly gripped on her backpack's lace and calmly walked out of the Divonne Academy like she never felt shocked and scared earlier of the sudden changes.

She was walking on the road as she looked around the but saw many fainted people.

Suddenly, everyone slowly stood up while staggering like a drunk man but their eyes turned red and their body rot like a melted ice. She was shocked and her legs shook as she remembered a zombie apocalypse book she had read before.

She covered her mouth with her hands as she witnessed many people turned zombies. She kneeled down as she couldn't control her legs anymore.

She couldn't believe it that she witnessed the changes of the world.

The zombies slowly walked like a snail on the road. Psyche looked around as she felt something wrong with these zombies. Why does she felt that they are ignoring her?

Psyche's eyes shone as she thought, "Maybe, they cannot see people on the ground?"

"Grrrrr!!" Many.zombies groaned as they saw a group of people walked out the convenience store. They looked at Psyche but looked away immediately as they many zombies around her.

Psyche was confused as to why they are looking away from her like she's a dead meat.

"The zombies are ignoring me! Those people are ignoring me! Are there even justice in this world?!" she exclaimed loudly but immediately covered her mouth as she looked around to observe if these zombies noticed her.

She patted her chest after seeing them chased those people.

"Hum..Good luck to you, guys!" she cheered on them as she felt happy that there are people diverted the attention of these zombies.

"Hooo~ That was scary~" she mumbled and sat on the shade of the tree beside the convenience store while looking around the street.

She tilted her head as she wondered why there are no people on the road or no people are exposing themselves on the road.

"Mommy!!" a little girl's cry loudly and zombies turned their heads on her. Their faces showed how much hungry they are.

Psyche frowned as she realized something unexpected.

"Why are these zombies notice the little girl but ignore her?" she stood up and patted her skirt. She slowly walked towards the crowd zombies without fear as she wanted to try if these zombies really ignored her or just cannot notice her.

"Couldn't they see me?" she thought and stood in front of a zombie.

"Gaaaahhh!" the zombie groaned and its mouth opened widely. Psyche was frightened and closed her eyes as she waited to be bitten by the zombie but she didn't feel the bite.

She slowly opened her eyes and looked at the zombie in front of her. Her eyes shone when the zombie halted and turned away from her like she's a fly.

"WHAT THE HECK! WHAT KIND OF ZOMBIE IS THAT?! HE JUST IGNORED ME?!" she was in disbelief and pouted. Why does she feel like she was abandoned? (?_?;)

Her tears slowly flowed out her eyes while she sniffed. She couldn't hold herself anymore and cried loudly like a child who lost her toy.

On the other side, a man used a telescope to check outside the condition outside their base. He is wearing a military uniform. His eyes narrowed and cursed loudly.

"OH SHIT! LOOK AT THAT GIRL!" he called out his comrades. His name is Ariel Montes and the vice-captain of the team.

Seven men looked outside with a telescope on their hands. They were frightened when a high school girl slowly walked on the crowd zombie. They sighed and put down their telescope as they felt sorry for the girl because they already outcome of the girl if once she was spotted by the zombie. They will surround her and eat her alive.

"HEY! HEY! LOOK! FASTER!" one of the seven men exclaimed loudly to his comrades to look outside again.  His name is Zeke Santos and the sniper of the team.

"What happened?" a handsome man asked. He's Evan Potter and the Team Captain. He is respected by his men deeply. He looked outside again by using the telescope.

"WHAT IS SHE DOING?! IS SHE COURTING DEATH?!" another man loudly said as he felt scared for the high school girl. His name is Garry Vallens and the bomb expert of the team.

"SHIT! THAT ZOMBIE IGNORE HER?!" another man cursed. His name is Tyler Swift and the strategist of the team.

"DAMN IT! SHE CRIED LOUDLY BUT THE ZOMBIES IGNORED HER?!" another one cursed as he felt unfair of the treatment of God. His name is Gabriel Collins and the computer expert of the team.

"If she joined us, our mission to annihilate the zombies will be easy..." a man with eyeglass pushed his eyeglass up on his nose as he said his opinion after witnessing the high school girl. His name is Ralph Spencer and was a taekwondo expert of the team.

"Uhh... Guys, she's gone now" Ariel Montes shook his head as he felt helpless. The high school girl was gone when they just blinked once.

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