Emma jean learned her lesson that day. Not just the one she was taught by her parents but also by the boy who helped her out that day. She grew into a kind, caring, and intelligent young lady. Popular in high school because she was patient and understanding. When the people around her were acting ridiculous she would tell them. Emma jean kept to her dreams of wanting to take over Kari-Hope land. Her senior year in high school she had been accepted into the best business school in the country.

Sophomore year in college Emma jean went to a fraternity party. There she met Kieran Smith. The two of them hit it off instantly. Kieran was majoring in business management as well. While the two of them talked at the party, Emma jean found that the two of them shared a couple of classes together.

“Do you know where you’ll end up after college?”

Kieran held is solo cup in his hand as he pondered for a little while. “I haven’t the foggiest idea.”

“You should come work for me.”

He laughed at her not knowing that she was in line to take over a business. “You’re offering me a job? Where are you going to work? We’re still sophomores.”

“I’m an heiress. Or I guess its better to say that I am next in line for Kari-hope.” She raised her cup to her lips and waited for her words to sink in.

Kieran had his cup halfway to his mouth when it dawned on him what she was telling him. “You’re THE Emma jean Scott? Daughter of Dallas Scott? Founder of Kari-hope land and subsidiaries. Man of the year. The only daughter of the man I look up to? My family would always go to the park every weekend.”

“Really? Well thank you for your patronage.”

“I remember helping a little girl out that had gotten lost when I was a kid.”

“That was nice of you. I had a similar experience when I was a little girl.”

Kieran took her hand in his. “Maybe you were the little girl I helped.”

She took her hand from his and started to walk out of the party. She looked back only once enticing him to follow her. “I don’t think you’re older than me.”

He followed behind her with a grin on his face. His mind was racing in the direction of something salacious. The two of them walked down the steps of the house side by side. Kieran seemed tipsy from his drink. Emma Jean had only drunk soda in her cup. Her mind was as clear as the night’s sky.

“So. What do you say about my offer?”

“Hmm, you want me to come work for you?”

“If you want to. I mean I wouldn’t be taking over right away. I have to work under my father for a few years. You know the man you look up to.”

He leaned his head against her shoulder and smiled. “That be a dream come true. What would I do?”

“Wanna be my assistant? I’d much rather it be someone I know and can trust. You seem like the trustworthy type.”

“Oh, you would want me to be your coffee pusher?”

“You’re tipsy Kieran. Where should I take you home?”

“Mm, your place.”

She stopped walking to look at him head on. He was still leaning against. She lifted his head up so they were eye to eye. “I don’t think that would be a good idea.”

“I can just sleep it off there. My place is to far.”

She sighed, he made logical sense even if he wasn’t in his right mind. “Fine, but I’m only being nice and helping a friend and future employee.”

He walked ahead of her stumbling over his own feet, his hands raised in the air as he yelled in excitement. “I get to sleep at Emma’s place. Yeah!”

She covered her face with her right hand and resumed walking to grab Kieran. “My car is over here. It won’t be a long drive.”

The two of them got in the car and drove off in silence. In the short time it took to reach her place Kieran had fallen asleep. Emma jean had help getting him into her place. She had him sleep it off in the guest room.

Emma retired to her own room and pondered about what Kieran had told her. She was helped when she was a little girl but that boy was older and his skin darker. Lying in her bed with her arms behind her back she tried to recall that day she ran off. Her eyes were closed but the only thing that came to mind was the sound of the carousel music, the smell of the powdered sugar from the funnel cake, the spray of the water on her face, and the sight of the park high in the sky. The face of the boy with her seemed blurry. Nothing was distinguishable on him after 16 years. She sighed a deep sigh, in retrospect it would have made perfect sense to ask that boy what his name was so if they met again she wouldn’t have to go through this unpleasantness for lack of memory. Despite not remembering his face she remembered how much fun she had that day with him. He taught her important life skills that came in handy when she got older.

“I wonder if he ever found a way to make it into the dream park business.”

Emma decided she wouldn’t think too harshly on it anymore. If by some sheer luck that it was Kieran that day no matter what she would want to repay him for his kindness and the fun she had. She went to change out of her party clothes and headed straight for her bed. The weekend was about to start and it would be a chance to go to the park and do some interning.

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