Drinks and Drama

It was Friday, Emma Jean had gone into the main office to speak with her daddy. The receptionist looked up from answering the phone and gave her a smile. Emma Jean gave her a polite one back before motioning her head towards his office. The lady nodded her head and went back to the call that was in progress. Emma Jean knocked on his door and walked in when she heard his gruff voice. He was behind his desk on a call. She could only hear snippets of the call. “Sweetheart…. Yeah… then why not…. But my dear…. I have to go. Emma Jean is here. Yes dear… I know dear…. Got to go dear… yes… bye.” He finally managed to end the call. A sigh was the only sound in the office before Emma Jean decided to speak. “Was that mom?”

“Yeah, she says she misses you and you should come home more often. Now what does my little precious dumpling want?”

She tilted to her head embarrassed, “Dad. Plea

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