Butterfly And The CEO

Chapter 6

Zac's point of view.

It's Thursday morning, and I'm heading into work. As usual, I am the first one there, well apart from one of the security team, I like to be here before the rest of the staff. I grab a coffee from the machine before I make my way into my office, opening up my laptop as I check my schedule for the day.

I have a couple of interviews today, as I am looking for a new designer to join my very talented design team. The first name on the list is a Miss Ellie Simms; this woman's designs blew me away. She is a very gifted young woman. I was very impressed with the designs that she sent me, and she sent me some excellent references. However, I am a little concerned about the recent missing years, but there could be a simple explanation for that maybe she's been nursing a sick relative or bringing up a young child. 

It is now a quarter past eight, and I clear my desk, ready to start my day. Mrs Austin rings from the front reception desk to let me know that Miss Simms has arrived. I tell her that I'm ready for her as I wait for them to arrive.

There's a knock on the door, and I call out for them to enter.

“Please come in.”

I'm sure my jaw drops to the floor. As the most beautiful woman I have ever seen in my life steps into my office, I cannot take my eyes off her as I offer her a seat.

She answers me back in a quiet voice. I've never felt as attracted to a woman as I do right now. What the hell is wrong with me. She juggles an extensive portfolio under her arm, and our hands touch as she places it down on my desk. I feel the electricity shoot through me, sending a rush of heat straight to my cock.

Fuck….nobody has ever had this effect on me before. I feel like a schoolboy looking at his first crush….only I'm no boy, and she is all woman. I realise that I'm still holding her hand, but for the life of me, I don't want to let go. She pulls her hand away from mine, her cheeks flushing as she blushes, fuck…….

I smile as I say,

“Miss Simms, I would like to offer you the position on my design team. I am very impressed with your work, can you start on Monday morning,”

There's no way I can let this woman go…..and she's also a fantastic designer…..Bonus….

"Yes, Monday is fine.s

She says as I reply,

“That's great news, Miss Simms. I'll look forward to seeing you at eight-thirty on Monday morning.”

It's going to be a long weekend, that's for sure. I stand up to shake her hand, looking like some crazy person as I hold on to her just that little bit longer than needed. I frown as I look down at our joined hands, noticing the faint scars on her wrist. She pulls away with a blush when she sees me looking.

She makes for the door struggling to open it with the largeportfolio tucked under her arm. I lean over her to open it, stepping back when I see her reaction. She flinches before turning her head away from me.

What the fuck………

Her actions leave me shaken. I just want to take her in my arms and reassure her that everything will be okay, but seeing her reaction, I open the door before taking a step back.

I watch as she rushes through the door, heading for the lift as fast as she can as I feel my anger rising. How can anyone hurt this beautiful woman?  

Morning comes around with a beautiful surprise. The stunning red-headed woman who I haven't been able to get out of my head all weekend, the same woman who kept me awake at night.

The same woman that had me relieving myself in the shower this morning like a hormonal teenager.

Yes, she fell straight into my arms; oh God, she feels so good; she smells so good, and she fits perfectly.

Okay, I know she tripped, and it wasn't intentional, but fuck, this is where she belongs, and I don't want to let go…...ever,

I pull away reluctantly as I look down at her flushed face knowing this crazy attraction I feel is mutual. 

“Are you okay, Miss Simms?”

I ask as I look at her flustered face.

“Oh, erm yes. I’m sorry.”

She replies. I nod my head as I stride into the lift; her scent still lingers in the air as I turn my back to her, willing my cock to behave.

Damn, she drives me crazy.

Once I've picked up the forms I need from the finance department, I head into the conference room for the weekly design and planning meeting, where I introduce Ellie to the rest of the design team. When it comes to Rachel, she looks over Ellie with a look that I can't read, as she refuses to shake her hand whilst also insisting that Ellie calls her Miss Carney and not Rachel.

“It's Miss Carney, If you don't mind,” she says as she looks down her nose.

Ellie looks embarrassed as she looks down at her lap.

I'm fuming………

I know Rachel has a thing for me, Jesus. She's made it pretty obvious on several occasions, but I've never once encouraged her, and that doesn't give her the right to treat Ellie this way. I won't have anyone upsetting her.

We finish off the meeting, and everyone starts to gather their belongings to leave. As the team leaves the room, I turn to look at Rachel, asking her to stay behind,

“You wanted to see me, Zac,”  she says in a voice that makes my skin crawl.

I sigh, trying to calm myself as I say.

“Yes, what the hell was that about, Is there a problem with you and Miss Simms.”

I ask in a raised voice. Her eyes go wide as she replies.

“Errrrr no Sir, I just thought that with me being the head designer, it's best to let her know I'm the Boss.” 

What the Hell…….

“You would be best to remember who pays your wages here, Miss Carney. We work as a team here, and I will not have her, or any other staff members treated any differently. Do you understand?”

She looks at the floor as she whispers.

“Oh, yes, Im sorry Sir, It won't happen again.” 

“Good, I'm glad we understand each other; please close the door on your way out.”

She leaves the room in a hurry, as my thoughts go back to the captivating redhead with emerald eyes. I always made a big deal never to get involved with a member of my own staff. I don't like drama in my workplace, only this time I think Ellie might be worth the Drama.

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