Chapter 58


When I got too bored, I decided to take a shower. Removing my clothes, I turned on the shower and stood under the cold water to calm myself down

I wonder if Jonas Lincoln was looking for me...

The chain of my thoughts broke when the door to the bathroom was pushed open. I turned to face the door, while still standing under the shower.


He was standing with his back against the door, wearing a white button up shirt and black pants. The tie and coat was gone.

Pursing my lips, I glared hard at him. I wish I could drill holes with my eyes. He would be dead by now and all problems would have been solved.

His steely grey orbs traced the outline of my body, before coming up to rest on my eyes leisurely.

Turning off the shower, I stepped out and grabbed the towel to wrap it around my body.

“ You locked me in this room. ” I deadpanned and walked closer to him, after securing the towel

Is Damien doing right by forcing her to stay with him?😳 Leave your comments pleaseeee 😁 Also, please spare some gems 🤧😭 The ranking dropped again 😭 P.S. I was wondering if I should say this or not but please - please, don't leave negative reviews randomly. If someone is doing it, atleast make some sense so I can understand what's the problem and improve ❤ This destructive critcism is not healthy but Constructive criticism is always welcome ❤ I hope people dropping down half stars without any specified reason understand this ❤ This is a contest book and those random reviews without reason really affect the position 😬

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