Chapter 3

June and her family arrived at the hotel, wearing a matching white tuxedo with the dress worn by Jes.  You can imagine a beautiful and handsome couple who will be side by side in the wedding, they will definitely look so perfect.

 June sped up the pace because the event was about to begin.  A sweet smile etched on the lips, adding to the level of his good looks.

 In contrast to the people inside the hotel, the gloomy atmosphere was filled with panic.  They are busy looking for Jeslyn's whereabouts.  There is no single clue, only a broken glass smacked on the floor.  Meanwhile, the makeup artists were also not known for Jes' whereabouts.

 Darwin's face was white.  The wedding ceremony will take place at 10 am, but he has not found his child.  Darwin's bodyguards were busy looking for Jes' whereabouts, but never found them.

 Darwin sat limply on the edge of the bed, the room where Jes had made up himself.  He had messed up her hair several times out of frustration.  Beatrix came over and sat beside her husband.

 Beatrix rubbed her husband's shoulder, trying to calm down.  "Calm yourself.  Everything will be all right, ”Beatrix said confidently.  It was as if she knew and held the whole situation.

 Darwin rubbed his face roughly.  "How could I be calm.  While our daughter disappeared right on the day of the wedding, what are we going to tell the Palmer family later. "  Darwin bowed weakly, letting a drop of clear crystal fall on both corners of his eye.

 Beatrix was silent for a moment, as if she was thinking about something.  The face looks serious, but it's hard to guess.  “Could it be that you left because you weren't sure that you would marry June?  If that's a good decision, hope you come back soon.  Jeslyn. "  In Beatrix's heart.

 Not long after, Darwin's bodyguards found several makeup found in another room tied up.  Theirs mouths were stuffed with duct tape so they couldn't scream for help.

 Darwin's bodyguards brought some of the make-up artists to Darwin with pale faces.  Some parts of their bodies also had bruises, they had indeed struggled.  But there was no way to fight the strength of Adam's bodyguards.

 The hotel employees were also found by Darwin's bodyguards in the same position.  Everything was bound and mouths gagged so as not to scream for reinforcements.

 Darwin quickly got up and looked at the make-up artists with sharp eyes.  “Say it!  Where is my daughter! "  Darwin raised the intonation, no matter what they faced were women the same age as Jeslyn.

 Worried about her husband's situation, Beatrix was standing right beside Darwin.  Connecting her fingers with Darwin's fingers.  Beatrix rubbed the middle aged man's burly arm so that Darwin could calm down a little.

 The makeup artists bowed in fear.  "Excuse us, sir."  Said one of them.  “We were taken hostage by several men dressed in black and wearing face covers.  While Miss Jeslyn was taken by them, after that we did not know where Miss Jeslyn was taken. "  She explained.

 The explanations from some of the makeup artists were enough to make Darwin startled, clutching his suddenly tight chest.  Sitting limp and almost fainting.  Luckily Beatrix quickly supported Darwin and handed a glass of water.  Do not forget to contact the doctor because Darwin's condition is currently really dropping.

 In the ballroom, all the invited guests looked boisterous.  It turned out that the news that Jes was kidnapped had reached their ears.  Many speculated on their own and many were delighted to hear of the failure of the Baker's daughter's marriage.

 Being a reliable businessman has always been the target of many people.  It happened because there were many enemies who didn't like the Baker family and there were those who wanted to see the Baker's destruction.  This is common and often happens.  Maybe if you gathered there were only a few sincere associates of the Bakers.

 Mr.  Palmer looked at his son with sharp eyes.  The jaws tightened, an expression of anger that could no longer be delayed.  "Explain what really happened!"  Exclaimed Mr.  Palmer in June.

 June's face was pale, he was really afraid that what some invited guests heard was true.  Don't want if his marriage to Jeslyn to fail just like that.  It wouldn't be funny if these years of struggle would end in vain.

 "I don't know, dad."  June replied limply.

 Ava who just arrived grabbed June's hand, away from Mr.  Palmer and Mrs.  Palmer.  But the husband and wife were silent, hoping that the news they heard was not true.  And hope that Ava comes to give good news to the Palmer family.

 "Why are you pulling me!"  June snorted in annoyance.  Ava's hand held tight, plus Ava pulled June until half ran.  Both of them stare at each other.  "Jeslyn's kidnapped."  Ava explained.

 June sighed, rubbing his face roughly.  Do not believe if what the invited guests say is true.

 "Why should you be dizzy?  You better come back because it's not possible if you're going to get married today. "

 June replied to Ava's words with a sharp gaze.  "What do you mean?"  Speak in a high tone.  "I'm still going to marry Jes and that will happen forever."  June made it clear.

 June left in front of Ava, while Ava was still standing still watching June's departure.  Smiling crookedly, belittling what June said just now.

 June returned to his parents, with a sluggish face and limp body.  "Jes was kidnapped."  June said to his parents.

 One slap landed on June's left cheek.  Mr.  Palmer did not hesitate to slap, June really made Mr.  Palmer is annoyed.  "Why are you so stupid," June scolded carelessly.  "Keeping just one woman is not a breaker!"

 "Sorry," June said softly.

 Don't want to hear gibberish from June, Mr.  Palmer only refused with one hand.  Got really annoyed and left the place.  The son is blamed for not wanting to know what really happened.

 "Damn you stupid!"  Same is the case with Mr.  Palmer, Mrs.  Palmer also scolded June carelessly.  It doesn't matter if the one who is cursed at is her own biological child.  "Don't you know we are now missing a gem and it's all because of you!"

 Mrs.  Pamler also went after her husband.  All the pressure frustrated June, ruffled his hair repeatedly and rubbed his face roughly.

 Without knowing June, there have been two people who have been focusing on watching June.  The two men were wearing waiters' uniforms, after June they caught off guard, they began to act.

 June was smothered by the two people to a room that was rarely reached by people.  They tied June's hands and feet.

 June was unconscious because he was given drugs, the two men stared at a camera that was directly connected to Adam.  The two of them also had their pistols pointed at either side of June's head.

 After a while after talking with Adam, the two bodyguards untied June's hands and feet.  They just left June.

 The anesthetic lasted a long time, only about an hour and June woke up.  June spread his gaze while holding his head.  His head was so dizzy and couldn't see perfectly yet.

 "Why can I be in this place?"  June asked herself.  Forgot and really confused why he got to that place.

 His cellphone rang, a text message was received by June.  June's forehead frowned, after reading the message.

 “Don't expect Jeslyn to come back because I will never let her come back to you.  Jes doesn't deserve a bastard like you.  You better stop hoping that Jeslyn will come back and don't bother looking for Jeslyn's whereabouts.  Because if you search for her to the end of the world, she will never meet you. "

 Not wanting to remain silent, June tried to call someone who sent a text message.  However, one short message that came in managed to make June speechless.

 "No need to reply or call me because this message will be deleted automatically in 5 seconds."

 Sure enough, exactly five seconds the two messages were deleted.  June clutched her cell phone tightly with an angry face.  "Shit!"

 It was useless cursing with all his might because Adam was smarter and more cunning than him.  Now June lives resigned and accepts the fact that she canceled her marriage to Jeslyn.


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