Chapter 6

Alpha Erik’s POV

Opening my eyes, I could see through the window that it was a beautiful day with clear blue skies, I preferred to sleep with the curtains open. My first thoughts were of TJ, hopefully she will be in a better mood today, finding out about the amnesia came as a shock to the both of us, although I am not fully convinced she knew what it meant.

When she told me to go, it was as if someone had ripped my heart out and stomped all over it. Why was she doing this to me, to us, could she not feel the mate pull between us. My wolf was howling over the pain she was causing us and as much as it hurt I had to push it aside, besides, I still had a pack to run.

As I walked to the shower, I made a mental note to take some photos with me, something one of the nurses had mentioned that may help nudge her memory or at least trigger something. After the shower, I brushed my teeth taking in the scar that snaked down my torso. TJ had given it to me the day she was found; whilst carrying her to the pack hospital something had made her freak causing her claws to come out and dig into me as she tried to get away. I tried holding her closer hoping the mate bond would calm her, instead she slipped into a coma, something a werewolf rarely falls foul of due to our ability to heal quickly.

Groaning as I felt the mind-link coming in, I silently wished for a break from everyone else, longing just to hear TJ’s voice fill my head. “Alpha, Alpha are you awake?” an alarmed female voice entered my head.

“What now?” I snapped. “What is so urgent?” Glancing at the alarm clock as I pulled some clothes from the drawers. “It’s 6:30 in the morning”

The voice became erratic “There is a problem with Luna”

The comment stopped me in my tracks, something inside me shifted, my wolf becoming more alert about her anger and hatred for something. Hastily pulling on my grey joggers, a black tee and a pair of sneakers I quickly exited the pack house. Thankful that the hospital was close by to the pack house so I could run.

“TJ, can you hear me?” I tried connecting to her through our mind link. There was nothing, I am not sure she even heard me. The fact our mate link appeared to be broken had me concerned, only wolves outside our pack were unable to be contacted through mind link.

She should have heard me even more so because we were mated. The closer I got to the hospital, the more aware of TJ’s emotions I became. She was raging and the last time she was in this state she had accidently killed her parents.

The doctors and nurses here are a part of our pack, we could not afford to lose these wolves just because she was no longer in control. Letting my wolf take over helped my legs to speed up, I needed to get there as soon as possible, the closer I got, the more aware of her rage I became. At least one side of our mate bond was working. I just hope our mate bond is still strong enough that I can calm her,

All the training I had worked on with my mate in helping her to control her wolf had gone out the window, a fact I had not thought about when the doctor told me it was amnesia. TJ’s wolf side was cruel and vicious and that was in human form if she allowed it to take over.

My voice bellowed down the hallway as I barrelled through the doorway demanding to let me through. The few nurses and doctors that were scattered about separated, lining the walls, and clearing the way for me whilst submitting.

“Luna has barricaded herself in using the bed” a nurse speaks up and then bows her head when she realised I had not asked for her to speak. I was not going to chastise her, being thankful for the useful information.

Peering through the window, I was unable to see my mate and instinctively knew that  she would be behind the bed, where no one could see her and also in a place she can control who gets in, that’s if she has enough strength. Surveying the scene, it was a mess, she had even managed to rip the basin off the wall, and she is not even at full strength due to the wounds.

Using some force, I shoved the door with my shoulder knowing it would not be enough to do much damage if the bed was to hit her, yet it should be enough to enable me to get at least a foot in the doorway allowing me to push the bed out of the way.

A yelp came from inside, my instincts being right about her hiding behind the bed, but the odour coming from her room was a mix of her mint scent and blood. TJ was bleeding and not just a little bit, controlling the urgency in my voice I asked her to let me in and watched as she got up and wobbled away, clearly unsteady on her feet.

Shoving the bed out the way was simple, some of these wolves need more training I briefly made a mental note to speak to Beta Will as he oversaw the training of all the wolves in the pack. Following the trail of blood, I headed to the bathroom and pushed open the door. The scene I was witnessing caused a lump to form in my throat, the trail of blood she had left behind, her milky white skin was now a pasty shade of grey with a blue tinge to her lips and she was unconscious yet again.

So many questions streamed through my mind but I had to get her out, I pulled the needle out of her hand, a burning sensation travelled through my fingers “SHIT!” throwing the needle down “It’s fucking silver” As soon as the needle was removed, the wound on her arm slowly began knitting back together leaving a deep red line. Although the amount of blood she had lost was worrying.

I scooped TJ up and placed her back on the bed whilst mind-linking all the wolves that had been caring for my mate, their Luna “You need to come to your Luna’s room NOW” I snarled, anger coursing through my veins. Calling other nurses in too help with the blood loss, I waited for the others to turn up.

All four people came, the doctor dealing with her condition, the two female nurses which included Hayley and Sam and the night nurse, I think his name is Jack, bowed their heads to me, two of the nurses visibly trembling as I stared them down. “Who used a silver needle?” I growled at them.

Sam looked horrified, knowing full well I had watched as she had set the cannula up yesterday after TJ had ripped it out the back of her hand.

Doctor James gasped “I don’t perform any of the needle work, that’s the nurse’s jobs”. I watched as all the nurses turned to stare at James, clearly annoyed that he was avoiding any responsibility.

“It can’t have been silver”, Sam whimpered, she was quite a young wolf, fear swamped her eyes and she began to cry, she was definitely an ugly crier, “It would have burned me”.

She was telling the truth, if it had of been silver Sam would have been burnt and TJ would have likely yelped at the needle, it must have been changed at some point when she was out of it.

Hayley looked me dead in the eye “It’s the type of needle we always use” as she spoke, I knew my eyes had darkened as she was unable to keep her eyes on me mumbling “we clearly don’t use silver, after all WE are wolves” Hayley began fidgeting on the spot “It must have been switched”.

Jack snapped at them “You lot are blaming me because I am on the night shift, well you can fuck off, Jade was here with me all night too”

I glared at all four of them, I was pretty certain it could not have been Doctor James, he had been my parent’s best friend and I thought of him more as an uncle. I was positive one of the nurses was responsible. “I need you to help clean your Luna up” I growled “I will be taking her home and you three are on house arrest” I pointed to each of the nurses. Sam began to cry, she certainly was a weak wolf if she cried over something as simple as that, she definitely would not hold up under torture. The other two gawked at my order.

As I walked back into my Luna, Hayley mind linked me “How could you do this to me?” she was furious.

“I can not just punish Sam and Jack, you have been as much a part of her care as the others and will be punished in whichever way i see fit” I snarled, she clearly was looking for preferential treatment because of our history before TJ, Hayley had to be treated the same regardless and with that I cut our mind link.

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