Aunt Maggie

A familiar-looking woman was rushing toward us; despite the time we'd been apart, mom and I recognized her immediately; her blonde hair and emerald green eyes, as always, gave her away.

"Maggie!" Mom exclaimed, both women embracing each other as if they were in the middle of a scene. I laughed, my nerves calmed by the sight of Aunt Maggie. 

Nathan regarded them both with interest as they exchanged pleasantries.

"What have you been doing all this time?" Mom asks, crossing her arms in front of her and acting irritated with her friend. “You didn’t even bother to call me and tell me the news!” 

Aunt Maggie smiled at her apologetically, "I’m sorry, Evy, I was just busy traveling around the world with Martin," said her sweet voice. 

"And you didn't think of telling your best friend about any of this?"

Mom raises her brow.

"I'll make amends." Aunt Maggie smiled, knowing mom was joking, her gaze darting to me and Nathan. 

Before she asked, I squirmed under her gaze "Snow? Is that you?" She sounded surprised. I nodded, awkwardly smiling as I considered all the things she might be thinking about me.

"I can't believe it's been so long since I've seen you! You've matured into a lovely lady." She said, staring at me before embracing me into a warm hug. "Even prettier than your mother," she gushed, before adding in an undertone, "if I say so myself."

"Hey, I heard you!" Mom grins jokingly at that, and the two of them laughed. I looked at them, sensing the happiness they were both feeling right now. 

Aunt Maggie then turned again to me, "I remember you from when you were a baby, and you were only this big!" she says fondly, her hand resting on her hips. She then smiled shyly at Nathan, who gripped my hand nervously and asked, "And who is this little cutie beside you, Snow? Is this…Nathan?"

As she kneeled in front of him, he nodded meekly,  "You're so adorable! I'm honored to have you as my ring bearer." She pinched his cheeks, turning him bright red.

Mom stopped her from gushing Nathan and asked, "I think that's enough about us; tell me about yourself.” 

Aunt Maggie laughed, "Oh, yes sorry about that. I just got carried away. Come in first, and I'll show you around." She led us in through the front door and I had to restrain myself from gawking once we entered; the inside of the mansion was even more spectacular than the outside; the place looked like something out of a magazine, with the room's designs making them look exquisite! 

Furniture and antiques adorned each corner, while the walls were painted in brown and cream tones.

Aunt Maggie led us to the living room, where her relatives sat, some of them talking and others glued to their phones. 

After giving us a tour, Aunt Maggie and mom walked away before I could object. I let them since they have a lot to catch up on. Nathan appeared to have made friends with a boy his age and has been accompanying him out to play, leaving me alone.

I sighed, too shy to approach anyone, especially if they were busy and hadn't noticed me yet. Maybe I should've stayed by Mom's side…

"Hey!” I heard a  cheerful voice greeting me. I returned my gaze to a pretty girl about my age…she had long blonde hair and bright blue eyes as she smiled at me. 

"Hello," I said politely, returning a shy smile to her.

"Looks like a busy place, right?" she asked me, making me comfortable as she looked around at all the people.

I shrugged, "I suppose so..."

She chuckled, before introducing herself. "My name is Hannah. I'm Aunt Maggie's niece by the way."

She extended her hand, and I shook it as I replied.

"My name is Snow. I’m the daughter of Aunt Maggie’s best friend."

"Oh, you’re the girl she often talks to us about. She’s right, you’re really pretty.” 

“Oh, haha thanks I guess. I’m not used to compliments though. And you're prettier.” 

“Oh, thank you, let’s stop with the compliments. Come on, I'll show you around the rest of my family." And with that, she drew me along, but it felt like my feet were too nervous to move, and looking back when she noticed my hesitation. "I know you're nervous, but don't worry; none of them will judge you."

I nodded and let her take me wherever she wanted me to go.

"Hello, this is Snow," she said, introducing me to everyone in the room. They all looked at me with interest.

"This is Stacey, Beth, Anna, Isabelle, and Justin, all of them are my cousins and Aunt MAggie’s nephew." she introduced, pointing to each of them.

A boy with blonde hair and emerald eyes, much similar to Hannah, spoke up, “Oh c’mon, introduce me too, Hannah.” 

Hannah rolled her eyes at that, “Fine.” Pointing at him, she said, “That guy is my brother, Luke.” She then turned to her brother, “Happy now?” 

The guy who I now learn as Luke smiled widely at me. He looked...handsome. I then shook my head, making myself focus on this. 

No time for handsome guys, Snow. I reminded myself. 

 I tried to remember all of their names while also trying not to blush. I smiled shyly at them. Guess I'm just not used to meeting so many new introverted me.  I should have made myself get used to all of this. 

"Hey," "Hi," "What's up, Snow?" they all say back simultaneously, greeting me in unison.

Somehow, I was a bit relieved when the majority of them returned to what they were doing after that. Hannah and the other girl named Beth took turns talking to me.

Maybe it wasn't so bad after all…

Suddenly, I felt like I needed to pee. I don't think I'll be able to keep it up much longer. Gosh, this is one of the problems of introverts like me. Having to look for a bathroom in a social gathering. 

Hannah, aunt Maggie's niece, was still talking nonstop in front of me, her hands moving when she was emphasizing a point. I was stuck here while mom was nowhere to be found and my dear brother was having his moments and enjoying himself with the other kids. I took a big gulp. I can't keep it in any longer.

"Are you okay, Snow?” Asked Hannah when she noticed my constipated expression. 

“Yes, are you okay?” Asked Beth, also concerned at me. 

I cleared my throat, licking my lips as I noticed it was too dry for me to speak. "Sorry....but where's the bathroom?" I asked in a low voice, clutching my stomach.

"Oh, you could have told me that sooner! Now I feel guilty having to make you listen to me while you hold in your pee,” she said. 

I waved it off, chuckling a bit.  “Oh, it’s fine.” 

“You are welcome to use the one upstairs since the one here below is currently broken,” Hannah said, starting to give me instructions. “Simply turn left, then right, and you’ll find the stairs, and it'll be on the first left after that, "she claimed. Nodding my head, I tried to remember all of that before standing up and forcing myself to walk rather than run.

What was it again? Left, right, and stairs, then...gosh... That's all I remember since I was itching to let this out. 

Just in time, a boy approached me.

 I remember him from the living room as he looked like Hannah and I'm sure Hannah had introduced him... 

"Hello, are you Snow?" He inquired. His bright emerald eyes and blonde hair appear to be inherited from the rest of Aunt Maggie's relatives.


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